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LR 5 missing sliders in develop module

Hi, I recently upgraded from Lightroom 3 to the CC Lightroom 5.

When I create a new catalog  in LR5, and then import/add my pictures, my develop module looks like LR3!!  I have no highlights, shadows, whites or black sliders.
It's almost like it defaults back to the LR3 format.  Upon it adding them I can see the module, greyed out, w/ LR5 sliders.  But then it opens looking like my old version.

Please advise. 


  • Yikes!  I think I found my glitch just after posting and 2 days of scratching my head.   

    LR5 imported my presets from LR3.  When I use my main custom preset/workflow it defaults back to the LR 3 module.  If I reset my RAW file, bingo.  All sliders are there!  I guess I need to recreate my custom presets. 

  • TrevTrev Moderator

    When you use that preset initially you are using Process 2010 (which btw shows any 'true' clipping in the highlights) but because you had never used LR4 which was the introduction of Process 2012(Current) the sliders as you have discovered default back to the originals.

  • Thanks, Trev! 

    I now realize my custom preset is set for Process 2010.  Upon imorting to LR5 it was applying it to all my images, resulting in 'no sliders'.  Not until I reset to original NEF did I get them back.  I agree, Process 2010 is a truer render of the clippings!! 

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