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Mirrorless Cameras

Hi Everyone!

2015….I have accumulated like many here I'm sure a heap of camera gear….Unfortunately sometimes when going overseas it is not the best
choice…. So downsizing is the word here….

My favourite uses for a camera/lenses is for PORTRAITS and MICRO  Photography.

Have been thinking about investing in MIRRORLESS CAMERA…

Any particular brand? Sony seems to be up there generating a lot of talk  in the market….would that be the  best one?
What about other brands…Olympus etc...

Should I wait during this 2015 for something more revolutionary in the MirrorLess world?

Any help on this subject would be really helpful!

Thank you heaps!



  • "Should I wait during this 2015 for something more revolutionary in the MirrorLess world?"

    While I can't help you in the mirror-less area, I would, however, advise to never wait for something "revolutionary." Do a bit of research, decide what your needs are and buy one and start taking/making pics. The next "better' camera is always around the corner so by this analogy, we should never buy gear :)

  • The Sony A7 series seems to be a very good design. Reviews say the AF isn't good for sports and action photography but good for portrait. If I'd have the money I'd go for the A7R right now. 
  • I'm a Sony guy in general and the A7 series, including the newest A7II are Fantastic!  The later being the most expensive, and ALL the A7 series  ones are Full Frame. As far as Mirrorless, you won't find a better one...A7's are going even cheaper now that the newer A7S and A7II are out.  Don't let anyone tell you about the lack of lenses and so on and so on...Blah Blah blah, it gets old. There's an E Mount lens to cover ALL your needs. Trust me. If  you don't need Full Frame, get the A6000, APS-C..Phenomenal camera.

    You can even go a little older and buy the NEX line which are also APS-C, i.e. not Micro 4/3rd's or Point and shoot sensors. NEX 3, NEX 5, NEX 5N, NEX 6, and NEX 7.

  • I have too been looking into getting a mirror less camera. I do have a question for any users here. I am looking at the Fuji XT-1 and was wondering how accurate is the electronic viewfinder? I am thinking its like "what you see is what you get"? Is that correct? And by what I mean is exposure wise as you compose the image. Thanks
  • Not sure about the Fuji, but the Sony line of NEX and A7 series are, as you say what you see is what you get. As you make adjustments to aperture, ISO, shutter speed, or Exposure compensation...you see the effect through the View finder and rear LCD instantly. This goes for the Sony SLT cameras as well.
  • Thanks penndragonn! Thats what I thought. 
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