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Album companies - looking for recommendations

dsegrevedsegreve Member
edited March 2015 in wedding photography
With all the wedding album companies, I'm really trying to narrow down an quality brand, without breaking the bank.  For example, I love Queensberrry, but the prices are just too high.  

I'm currently using Millers, but I'm not all that happy with the quality.  They appear to print directly to the spread itself, rather than print on photographic paper and adhere it to the spread.  I'm afraid that over time, especially along the seams, the albums are going to break down quickly.  

Does anyone have a wedding album that provides great quality and a reasonable price? 

Thank you! 


  • I know that Neil uses (or has used) Pictobooks and I decided to give them a shot. I just received my first album from them last week for a bridal show and the quality is superb...I went with one of their higher end options in 11x14 with a genuine leather cover, cameo on the front and hardwood case and it really is stunning. This one was fairly pricey at over $600, but as I said it is one of their higher end choices and they have a wide variety to choose from at various price points. The one I got is one of their "studio samples" which are albums that can be ordered to show as examples to clients. They are identical to the real deal except that "studio sample" is  stamped on small letters on the back cover. Amazingly they charge half price for these (I paid around $325 for mine) and up to 6 a year can be ordered..
  • I like White House Custom Color. Whcc.com. I've gotten books there but no albums. But they are excellent.
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    I use PictoBooks.

    I especially like their Signature series of albums. Superb quality with binding that binding that looks great. The edges of the pages are sealed with a clear lacquer, and the corners are rounded.


    A good line of albums if you want quality and diversity, without it being too spendy - FINAO
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