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What is the best website platform for photographers?

I have had different website platforms over time and have noticed a lot of new ones out there.  Im wondering what the best one might be currently. I value simplicity and user friendliness.  I dont want to spend hours upon hours trying to make it work.  I value the overall look and feel of the website to the end user and also myself. I guess I want a professional looking website which is easy for all to use in a nutshell... 

So this is an open ended thread.  Please feel free to share your ideas?  


  • squarespace.com

    nothing beats the simplicity of drop and drag templates with the benefit of being able to create new designs without coding. Free 14 day trial!

  • Actually, I did have Squarespace for a while and came to your same conclusion.  Its not that complicated and a decent website can be put up with a little effort.  I believe its really a superior option, but I want to have the ability to sell things on the website.  Ive also had Smugmug and now have Zenfolio but my experiences with them is they are not simple to use.  I know what Neil might say and that would be to get a professional to do it for you.  

    I might go back to Squarespace and work with Adoramapix.  I noticed there is an e-commerce section on Squarespace which might work.  Lets say I have a particular shot I want to sell than I can simply market the shot through the Squarespace website and put in orders to Adoramapix myself.  Photobucket, Smugmug, and other such sites integrate it.  I dont have that much volume where I feel I need that kind of integration.  

    Why Adoramapix for the curious?  The simple truth is all of the labs use the same equipment and it comes down to the user of the equipment to make it work...work well.  Adorama is not too far from me so if anything goes wrong I can simply visit them and talk to them face to face.  I can pick up orders there or return them personally.  From a service perspective, Adorama will probably work.  In terms of quality, their staff has probably a lot of experience and since it caters to a professionals in NYC they do have to pay attention to the quality.  If there are any quality problems, I can visit them and have a face to face conversation which I value more than the email and phonecall game.  
  • Have a look here https://www.theimagefile.com/?Action=AP

    Great service, nice people to deal with. Does everything I want.

  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    (I'm still happy with Wordpress.)
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