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using the Profoto B1 as an additional light / room light??

shek33shek33 Member
edited April 2015 in flash & lighting
do you think its overkill and risky to put the B1 15 feet up in the air for a 5 hour wedding??? I am looking at Manfrotto light stands and will go with one that can handle almost 90lbs if I do indeed go this route.  Not sure if I want to risk my baby up in the air for that long.  Anyone using it this way??? How are you supporting it??? TIA


  • ViccoVicco Member
    whuz the problem?
    Use an air-dampened lightstand and sign an insurance for your gear  (and, perhaps, secure all the joints with gaffer tape ... :-) )

    => you're all set :-)
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    I used the Profoto Acute B2 600R as a room-light with this event. I bounced it straight up into the ceiling of this large venue. 
    This was before I had the Profoto B1 ... which would now be my choice. 

    So yes, the Profoto B1 could absolutely work as a room-light. 

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