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Back-up digital images on Amazon

cakencameracakencamera Member
edited April 2015 in post-production
Now I am a member of Amazon prime I am entitle to unlimited storage.  Brilliant as long as they stay solvent, I doubt Amazon will go bust anytime soon, but my main concern if there might be any loss of quality? 


  • You're just storing a file on someone else's server - no loss of quality.
  • I have my pictures backed up on my large desktop computer which is also connected to a Synology downstairs.  In addition, I use the Amazon cloud as an additional backup.  Around here there have been burglaries, floods, fires, etc.  Hurricane Sandy destroyed many things in NJ and NY.  So backing up to Amazon is a very good idea.

    As for Amazon going bust.  They may not go bust, but they may discontinue the service.  There might be a major event that wipes out storage on Amazon such as an earthquake, fire, flood, etc.  You never know whats going to happen.  I didnt think there would ever be a storm huge enough to wipe out the coastlines of NJ, but there was.  So its good to have multiple backups using different technology.    
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