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How to get a podcast


Does anyone know how to get a podcast or two onto my iPod? I looked up photography podcasts on the 'net and found some but getting them from the 'net (my computer) onto my iPod is a mystery. I can't even see how to download them onto my computer (which I was assuming was a first step but not sure). My iPod doesn't have internet access so I'm assuming I have to get them onto computer first. I have some driving to do and figured it would be less of a waste of time if I had something worthwhile to listen to. Thanks.


  • Basically, the steps are to go to the iTunes store, select Podcasts in there (3 dots top left corner and then select Podcasts), search for what you want, get them, and then sync them to your device.

    If you're not using iTunes, I don't know how to do it. I'm sure it's possible but it might be more of a 'hack'. I guess if there is a way to get the podcast downloaded as an MP3 file onto your computer, then you could upload that into iTunes and sync it like a song to the iPod.
  • Thanks very much Nikonguy. I did end up going to iTunes last night and downloaded some podcasts. But I was not able to get them on my iPod this morning. I'm not sure the iPod (old Nano) will accept podcasts. But just now I was able to get them on my iPad, so that will work as long as the iPad has power. (I don't have car charger). I did noticed that some of the podcasts I downloaded were videos, which I don't need driving. So I have to figure out how to tell which are videos and not download them. I thought all podcasts were audio, not video. I did find a couple from Neil so those will be fun to listen to. OK! The open road awaits. Hope I learn something along the way. 

    Thanks again for responding Nikonguy.
  • Update: I have reached my destination, at least the first leg of it.

    If you're not familiar with podcasts, I don't want to burst your bubble but there's a lot of crap out there.

    If the host and/or guests start laughing at their irrelevant comments or banter, pull the plug now. The laughing will continue I promise.

    I only found two of the podcasts interesting but in fairness I did not listen to too many because you can't look for a new choice while you're driving. But the only two good ones -- and honestly I am not just saying this -- were interviews with Neil. So I now have a question for Neil about walking instead of zooming to avoid perspective distortion. Also I now know a lot more about Neil's journey from TV broadcast engineer to photographer and educator.
  • two of my favorite podcasts are The Candid Frame and This Week in Photo or TWIP.

  • Thanks groomsphoto. I did listen to some TWIP but not sure which ones. Did not come across Candid Frame. I'll check it out. 
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