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My first wedding with Neil-what a disaster :)

Sometime last night, I apparently shot my first wedding with Neil. It was a disaster. Here is what happened: 

The procession was about to start and we were both in place with cameras ready. Procession went fine and the bride arrived at the altar. I remember firing off a test shot since the lighting had changed (there were bright lights above the bride) and while chimping, the rear dial fell off the camera. I started to panic and ran to my get my back-up camera but for some reason I tried to fix the camera instead. I then ran back and tried to shoot with the broken rear dial since it really does not play a major role except for changing f stop values (end sarcasm). After firing off the first shot, the AF system failed completely. Off I went to fetch my back-up camera but wasted so much time that I returned after the 2nd procession. I missed every shot possible. 

Neil was standing near by with his camera on a monopod (had no idea he uses them) and I asked, in German (don't know why), if he was recording the wedding or if he took pictures. While whistling and shaking his leg, he said...something. I will never know because my alarm went off at 6:45. 

Did Neil get the shots while I was off making bad decisions? I have no idea but maybe he will let us know. 

My first wedding for the year is Saturday and I can't help but wonder if Neil will be in Cincinnati this weekend. 

Neil, I will need your RAW files ASAP. The bride called and is waiting for her dream photos :)

Too funny!




  • TrevTrev Moderator

    I take it that it was a dream!!!

    When I first read it I was like WTF??? lol....

    Yep, too funny.
  • I take it that it was a dream!!!

    Absolutely...the leg shaking and whistling part was so vivid that I started to laugh while telling my wife
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    You forgot one of the rules: *I* will decide what is funny and what isn't. 
  • Photography is your life and blood, Rudy. In my short experience using a camera in full manual, I only had one dream so far, that I fumbled with camera settings trying to get a shot. People only dreams of stuffs that they have strong emotions with. I guess what I'm trying to say is that photography is really wonderful.

    Now I am always looking for open events on weekends in facebook that I can get into and take pictures. Looking forward to my first milky way shot tomorrow night. I wonder how it will turn out.
  • Omg, it's like all the dreams we have of walking into class for a final exam after skipping the class all semester! I wonder what Freud would make of Neil being there... something like the teacher looming in background.
  • Well...I know Neil's voice relatively well and he does have a calm way about him so I am sure that my subconscious added him to counter my panic......and nothing broke during the wedding this past Saturday! Even walked away with my first indoor wedding OCF work (bride-groom photos) 
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