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Release of images? How do YOU do it?

JSeawrightJSeawright Member
edited May 2011 in wedding photography
So, I've been in conversation with a wedding photographer in regards to releasing of photos. He claims that many people expect that they will get a disk of Some sort (whether high resolution or FB quality) with their wedding.

So, I'm trying to see what most people on here do.

1. Do you release images at all?
2. Do you release FB quality, High Res, or Both?

I realize that releasing the high resolution (and potentially low resolution) hurts in print sales... but it appears that many clients expect that to the point that they will find someone else to be their photographer if you refuse to release them.

Just poking around....


Me personally, I would obviously cull through the images, do my edits, and pick the best for each 'set'. I'd create a FB quality disk, and a 4x6 quality disk. Potentially, I might offer 10 high resolution images of their choice. Seem like a good compromise? I've not applied this strategy to a job yet... but I'm doing lots and lots of research on markets and the like. For me, it's all speculative right now.

And I realize that this will differ for someone who typically does $2k weddings as opposed to someone who does $3-4k. I'd imagine that the better paying ones would be financed by people who truly appreciate the artistic side, and would respect that.


  • StephenStephen Member
    I'm not in professional photography, but I usually give someone images with a max width of 700 or 800 pixel JPEG either through a website or a CD/DVD. Most of the people I deal with don't print.
  • ButchMButchM Member
    edited May 2011
    What I did was before I started including digital image files in my wedding packages, I reviewed the previous two years of wedding print sales. I took that average, multiplied it by a factor of 2, then added that amount to my wedding package pricing. So in essence, I doubled my print sales without incurring the cost of printing ... and the couples still order a few prints ... mostly larger sizes 16x20 or larger ...

    I provide a CD/DVD (whichever size is needed to hold the images) of both full resolution (3000 pixel suitable for printing up to 8x10) digital files and a web/FB 500 pixel version with a web based browser format for viewing ... this is the full selection of the proof prints ... in the range of 200-400 images depending upon the length of coverage purchased ...

    I include a written, signed release that gives the clients permission to print the images for personal use and prohibits commercial use of any kind ... I've had no issues with the release not being honored ... so far ...
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