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White Balance with many photographers

Just did a shoot of a body building competition. Incandescent light on stage, white flourescent above audiance. The stage looks yellow, so I gelled full CTO off camera, second flash on-hand half CTO.
Problem is, sometimes I caught someone else's flash. I got about 1300 shots.

Question 1: Would you guys color correct so the ambient looks neutral? Or go with everyone else?

Question 2: If I color correct, other people's flash and the audience under white flourescent become blue, how do I fix that?



  • TrevTrev Moderator
    edited May 2015
    I'll have a bash....

    How about a sample (if you can post a pic without infringing privacy).

    First up, CTO is a much stronger gel than CTS (CTO=Color Temperature Orange - speaks for itself V's CTS=Color Temperature Straw - lighter) so therefore your use of full CTO in my opinion was a bit too much, so now when colour correcting for skin tone, anything else in the image most certainly would become blue by the fact you would be down in the high 2000 - low 3000 K range to begin with and the opposite of yellow is blue ergo blue tones outside of skin.

    I/me/myself would personally now correct for a 'mood' tone for competitors with warmer skin and helping negate blue tone outside of skin a little because if you were to neutralise to perfect skin that would mean pulling down the temp which would make blues pop out more.

    There is no way now, without a lot of masking/channel work in Photoshop to get completely neutral across the spectrum.

    You could maybe use your local brush in Lightroom where you can brush a 'warm' brush over the parts of the image where it's really blue, but that will be bloody tedious, and not very mathematical in approach since you would need to do each image individually, and you would not be targeting the individual blue, but all colours where brushing.

  • Thank you for your time.
    The stage was very yellow, even with full CTO, it looked a little pale.

    Bewarned of the mountain for photos:
    Flash from 34's side, seen on elbow, ribs, and thigh.

    Center affected by other flash, edited. I could not correct to daylight, way too off.

    I ended up doing local adjustments and crop to parts that were blue.
    I could have adjusted to daylight like other photographers of the same event did, which they delivered much fewer photos; but more photos will have blue parts if I do so, so I kept the tint for consistency over the 1300 shots.

    All of the above aside, what would you guys do?
  • TrevTrev Moderator
    Well judging by the couple dozen I looked at, I would merely drop the Temp in your RAW converter (LR/ACR/Capture One) as they are too yellow, and I most certainly would not be concerned with any 'blue' tints by those samples.

    To me the images need local adjustment for exposure on the sides more than anything else.
  • I will look at the RAW again when I get home. Thanks a lot.
  • TrevTrev Moderator
    Any chance of sending me 1 RAW file? I'd like to take a look at it. One where you think you are concerned with the blue casts.

    Dropbox? Upload somewhere I can get it. If RAW is below 20Mb you can send to: fstop_87_2@internode.on.net

  • Okies. Thank you for all the trouble.
  • Just discovered I made some silly mistakes last Saturday night when shooting a local basketball match. The glare was from my own flashbender held on my left hand, not angled right. Looking back at the RAW files, the same happened in some of the photos in the body building competition.
    Silly me!

    Lesson learned, and switched the petal shaped hood of my 35mmf1.8 to round hood of 50mmf1.8.
  • TrevTrev Moderator
    Live and learn Rany as the saying goes, and it's good you spotted your mistake this time around.
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