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Please critique

Room was small, my back against the walls most of the time. Shot with 35mm lens on A6000, bounced flash.

Do you guys remove skin imperfections? Clothing marks on skin?


  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    She's gorgeous!  
    And from here her skin looks near-flawless - so not much retouching needed.
    That said, for boudoir specifically, I would retouch for skin blemishes, etc. 

    Nice work! 

  • Thanks Neil, I had only 3 things on mind during the shoot, frame, focus, and your famous quote "bounce the flash where I want the light to come from".
    Love your site, book & videos.

    The models being beautiful really made a difference.

    Hopefully in time and practice, I can get better consistency and take less time to get good shots.
  • Nice job! I don't see any skin blemishes or imperfections either but yes, I touch up skin with a software plug in called Portraiture (more so if they're young) and then healing and clone brushes. I think you really did a great job with the lighting here.
  • danfazdanfaz Member
    Beautiful set! Lighting is really nice & soft.
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