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Courses for Running a Photography Business

I am trying to get my photography business starting, mainly family portrait. Been thinking of selling photo service and framed photos. But the business side of me has always been very weak. I have a couple of inquiries for quotation, realised I have to register for a company, get someone to do accounting, and I guess much more that I haven't realise yet. I have learnt alot from this site, the technical knowledge of how to shoot, but I find myself lacking in how to actually run a business.

I came across these courses from a photo biz podcast, wonder if anyone by chance had seen them, and can give me advices of which to choose:

Both priced at $209 at the moment, that's a quarter of my measly salary. The first is more wedding + business, has smaller number of reviews but all are positive The second more on portrait + marketing, a little less on business, from what I can see from the video titles, but has far more number of (but mixed) reviews.

Appreciate any advice, or direction to other resources.



  • creativelive is a fantastic resource. there is a CL course about the legal aspects of being a photographer. contracts, etc. i forget the name of the speaker. however, books are much cheaper. check out Amazon. there are a few.
  • Join PPA, the Professional Photographers of America. Www.ppa.com. It has tons of educational resources. I don't think you have to be in America or a professional. It's something like $25/$30 per month. May be cheaper for students. Not sure.
  • Thanks guys.

    Will check amazon for ebooks. Prints' courier charges to Malaysia cost alot.
    The online courses PPA seem like a collection of short bits (30min-1hour) from several instructors.

    Will look for more resources. I guess I can improve things as I go.
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