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Could use some advice...

Hi All

<nervous look round the imaginary room> I'm new here, I could do with some help...

I'm in the UK, and I shoot two main areas - equestrian and weddings. I get paid a bit for both of them, but certainly not a day job. I'd like to do the weddings side much more seriously, because I've done a couple on my own but mostly I'm second shooting. I love doing weddings, much more so than the horses because weddings have more variety - sure some things are pretty samey but there are the little touches and it keeps everything fun.

I shoot Canon at the moment, 6D and 7D, which is what I invested in when I started actually wanting people to pay me. I have major limitations with them both - the 6D's AF system is, frankly, horrid, and the 7D isn't good in low light (indoor dressage is pretty dark, plus the usual darkness in weddings). Neither camera has dual card slots - I've completely lost 1 card with my main images on it, and a second to the point where it would only read in camera, so I'm not relishing the idea of promoting my wedding photography with that limitation. I *really* don't want to be the guy who lost the wedding shots. 

So, it's upgrade time, to something with more AF points, better low light AF and dual slots. Beyond that, I'm not overly fussed, but there are certain things... So I'm looking at the EOS 5D3 if I stay Canon. I have a number of L series lenses so a Nikon switch would be quite painful, but may be worth it. Thing is, I can't shake the feeling that, like with my 7D, I'm buying right at the end of the product cycle for a camera which is basically obsolete and paying top cash to do it. Which doesn't appeal!

So, Nikon... I have a D7000, but hate the colours - they are washed out, exposure doesn't play ball too well and they look nothing like Canon, and it's not quick to make it so using Lightroom. I tried the D7200 because I have a 28-300 lens which is great for a horse show, it covers all bases without weighing a ton. I like the D7200, it's great. Colour is much better, AF is great, low light is frankly staggering for an APS-C sensor.

So I guess the help I need, after the amazing background story (! Sorry!) is this - my Canons look similar in terms of colour. Sometimes I can tell which is which, sometimes not. The Nikons look nothing like each other. If I go Nikon I'll have the D7200 + something full frame, and they would be used together at a wedding. Is it usual for the colour in Nikon models to be so far apart?

And then there's the fact that my primary shooter uses a 5D3, so if I go Nikon it needs to be easy to make them look similar. Pray tell, with the benefit of experience, should I simply cough up for Ye Olde Canon?

Many thanks for the help. Sorry this is so long, will try very hard to be more concise in the future when I am not so completely puzzled by something!


  • The Olympics are next year and Canon will introduce its flagship models next year or in 4q of this year. Advice is to wait if possible.
  • Many thanks, I'd not thought of the Olympics as a reason for Canon to get their new products out.
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    Sounds to me like your best option is a 5D mk3

    I wouldn't buy into the Nikon DX lenses - it's probably not the route you want to go for future upgrades. 
  • Thanks Neil. Have you had the problem of a second shooter using a different brand of camera? Was it an absolute PITA to get an album together out of those shots please?
  • Mr. Logic, I suggest switching to Nikon. If I'm reading between the lines right, I think this is direction you want to go in and are looking for someone to push you to make that choice. I sense that you feel it may be better financially in the short term to stay with Canon but that you'd be reluctantly settling. Don't settle. Go with the brand you have more confidence in and, if it's Nikon, just buy what you can and work up.

    I made the switch several years ago and am very happy. I got surprisingly good prices (mostly from B&H but also eBay) for my Canon stuff and that helped pay for new Nikon stuff. I have to say I can't speak with much experience about body models. My two D700s are outstanding. I got a D800 and its fine but I wish I'd waited for 810. The color from 700s is perfect. Color from 800 seems too green often. Could be my model. The only reason I might want to upgrade bodies is to get better low light/ISO performance. But what I have isn't bad.
  • I went over to the biggest camera place nearby yesterday, and tbh I thought to myself that was the likely direction I'd go. I envisaged coming home with a D810 and likely either keeping the D7200 or getting a D610/750 to go along with the D810.

    Got there and had a look at the Canon, and then the Nikon. I didn't like the D810 as much as the Canons because of the D-pad - it was very soggy indeed on the showroom model, and certainly it didn't fill me with "I must buy this!"

    They had a secondhand 1DX which was very nice, but the shutter is too loud for a wedding ceremony IMHO, even on quiet. 

    I looked at the D750, but I just didn't get that sense of 'buy me'. I thought I would. I really did - I really, really like the D7200 as a camera. But I didn't like the others as much. Not sure why. I should do - they're basically the same. But for whatever reasons the Nikons didn't scream to me to change my entire setup.

    The 5D3 didn't either, to be fair. I bought one, but that was more of a grudge purchase. I also bought the 7D2 for the horse stuff, and then went today and shot an event with it (with about 5 hours kip, I got in late from the camera place!). I am very impressed with it. It ticks the boxes that Canon missed so far - I can exposure compensation in manual (hallelujah!). I can have AF points basically everywhere. The AF is so damn fast I don't recall it ever focusing, everyone was just always sharp.

    I turned the 10fps down to something more manageable (7) and then cracked on. That camera is what every Canon SHOULD be. It's amazing. The addition of every useful bit of info into the viewfinder is great - had the WB set to cloud, then the sun made an appearance, spotted it, changed it, sorted. Yes, we all try to remember but it doesn't always happen, and that info is highly useful IMHO.

    When Canon releases the 5D4, if they simply drop a full frame sensor into essentially that body, and then obviously give us the mirror and viewfinder that needs, I am off to the shop. And I don't care how much it costs, it's *that* good.

    So tbh, I think I was heading to Nikon - I think you were right, and I think my wife will testify to that (poor girl, I bet she's glad it's over now!!). I had 3 hours drive there to mull. I mulled. I expected to go with Nikon, deep down. The 7D2 was the reason I didn't, pretty much on its own. For all my praise it's not perfect (WHY does it show me card 1 just because I changed card 2, with jpegs?!), but it's better for my uses than any Nikon camera, and it felt better and was easier for me to use.
  • Oh, and they fixed auto ISO - yay!

    And they fixed metering - best of any camera of any brand I've used on the horses, most of them were bang on, give or take a third of a stop, in vastly changing light.
  • Glad you like your new camera! Sounds like a winner.
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