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Sigma 18-35 takes APS-C (crop sensor) to new level

MichaelVMichaelV Member
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Ive been carrying around my EOS M3 and Sigma 18-35 in my car the last few days taking shots where I can.  The 24 megapixel sensor combined with the Sigma 18-35 really takes APS-C to the next level.  Just looking at the various pictures produced Im very impressed.  If I were to print out the 5D Mark III and EOS M3+18-35 shots I might not be able to really tell the difference. 

My personal research indicates the Sigma 18-35 is at least as good as Canon's best lenses when mounted to the crop sensor.  You cant get much sharper than this lens on a crop body.

The cons of the 18-35?  I find myself wanting more zoom and more wide which this lens cannot give.  The APS-C platform is still not a substitute for the full frame beast especially in ways of ISO Performance.  

Whats coming out in the future is the Canon SL2 which will have the same platform as the M3 and the T6. It will be smaller than the current Sl1 which is already the smallest DSLR on the market I suspect.  My personal interest in these systems is they are cheaper so that I dont carry thousands of dollars around in equipment into questionable areas...more security with less expensive equipment.  I would rather have someone grab the M3 and Sigma lens versus the 5DSR and my other lenses.  My other interest is they are lighter.  The M3 is a small beast compared to the larger full frame beast.  Its not a substitute for the larger systems, but something that is nice to have for travel and personal use.  

Lets say you plan on traveling to the islands.  The 24 megapixel sensor combined with the 18-35 would do well there.  The Canon SL2 with the 18-35 would probably be a $1500 combination.  I would rather risk carrying around the $1500 combination versus the $7000 combination of the 5DSR and the 24-70 II 2.8.  It would make for a more portable all around package.  You can also raise the bar a bit more on landscape shots with a tripod or monopod.  I love my monopod because it steps up stability a notch, but also when traveling its good to have a stick in the hand when you are carrying around expensive gear to make would-be thieves think twice.


  • MichaelVMichaelV Member
    edited July 2015
    We can debate which lens you "must" own in the full frame world of lenses.  We can debate which zoom and which primes you absolutely MUST have.  However, in the world of APS-C Im going to put it right out there.  There is no debate with this lens.  You must own the Sigma 18-35 if you shoot with APS-C or the cropped sensor.  There is simply nothing like it in the APS-C world.  If you plan on owning the cropped sensor for years or forever you MUST get the Sigma 18-35.  

    I have owned Rebel cameras in the past and they "did the job" as far as a casual daylight camera.  However, they never quite hit the same mark as the full-frame bodies.  They were better than compacts, better than cell phones, etc, but just were not the same as the full frame monsters.  On the other hand, the Sigma 18-35 produces images which really opens my eye.  The 24 megapixel APS-C sensor combined with Sigma 18-35 seems comparable to the Canon 5D Mark III..mind you, in low ISO environments only.  When you turn up the ISO you can certainly see the difference.  The Canon 5D Mark III is going to be much better at ISO 3200 than the Canon T6 series at ISO 3200, but if we were shooting in ISO 100 than you might be hard pressed in seeing the difference.  If you had your Canon 5D Mark III with Canon 24-70 2.8 II and I had my EOS M3 with Sigma 18-35 and we went shot for shot on the same settings in daylight at ISO 100...Im not sure anyone in the peanut gallery might see a difference.  

    The only CON to the Sigma is all you have is 18-35...ugh, but at least its the best 18-35 you are going to get in the APS-C world.  You cant do better than any other lens.  

    You may have heard a lot of things on the internet which do not quite equate to reality, but believe me when I say it....APS-C fans...you need this lens!
  • I have to agree. I rented one for a wedding this weekend, seeing if I could use the EOS 7D2 as a mainstay for informal and wider shots. It's a very good lens indeed.

    My only grumble is that the zoom is in Nikon mode, with Sigmas of yesteryear being Canon, but it's a minor point - I was most impressed.
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