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Anyone Use Products from Raya?

I keep getting popup ads from B&H about Raya Softboxes. I don't have one, and they have a 24"x24" for $50. Good start or a piece of junk?


  • I bought one, and it arrived yesterday. I don't have anything to compare it to, but I must say it does seem pretty sturdy, and made with some quality. I had a lot of difficulty putting the softbox onto the mounting ring, until I watched a short on-line video and found I was doing it all wrong. Took 30 seconds after that. The kicker is the mounting ring/flash bracket. Well made. As a matter of fact, I'm annoyed that a few months ago, I went to a photo store and bought a shoe mount for a light stand which was more than half the cost of this entire Raya rig. Yeeesh.

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