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Please clear something up re: flash and ambient exposure?

CanonJayCanonJay Member
edited August 2015 in flash & lighting
Hi! Could someone please clear something up for me? Do you get the ambient exposure off white dress first (up 5 or six clicks)  and use that exposure  as your base exposure and then add flash making sure not to spike the whites? Or do you use the one stop under overall ambient exposure ignoring the white dress for now and then use histogram method to determine flash exposure on white dress? If that all makes sense. I have always combined different ways to achieve the desired result, but this has perplexed me. 



  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    Jay ... you have to distinguish whether your ambient is your main source of light, or your flash.  (Or somewhere inbetween.)

    If you're going to place the white at +1.7 stops, then your flash had better be at -2EV or -3EV ... just a touch of fill-flash. 

    Mostly though, shooting indoors or in low light, you wouldn't take your ambient exposure that specifically into account. 

    Go over this tutorial, and see of it all makes more sense now. 
  • Neil, Thanks! Thats what I thought. I usually just check for overall exposure indoors and when using flash drop the ambient a stop or two and add flash. I check the whites from there. 
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