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Engagement photos

Apparently the NY Post has never heard of Neil VN. Or maybe he's just a little too traditional (good). I kind of like the Alfred Hitchcock ones and the One-Lennon ones. Otherwise, eh..... shrug. I don't think they did a worldwide search for the most out-there unconventional engagement photos. 


  • TrevTrev Moderator
    edited September 2015
    Oh well, whatever floats their boat I say. In fact if a couple came to me and said "We want you to shoot this theme for our engagement session," I'd be all over it like a duck to water since they already have the concept they want, their ideas, their poses, etc., so all I'd need to worry about is 'light it, shoot it'.

    One exception: "There would be no &6%#^*@ jumping out of a perfectly good airplane," as they say.
  • I'm with you Trev. I don't understand the jumping out of planes thing. No thanks.
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