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Could someone clarify a solution for me........

I'm having a mental block!!

I've been experimenting with OCF at the wedding first dance. Here is the scene:

2 speedlites opposite me on stands, on manual giving 2 nice star bursts along with DJs lights.
Bride & Groom on dance floor strutting their stuff
On camera flash, bounced for fill light on bride & groom, flash on ETTL.
Camera on manual (5d mkIII), approximate settings ISO 800, shutter speed 1/25, f5,6

Here is the mental block I have. At certain points during the dance I do not want fulll fill from the on camera flash, just a small amount of light so I maintain the ambienceo for the dark and moody shot, do I just add -FEC or is there another way?

Sorry if this sounds like a bone question but I've lost the plot on this one!!


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