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    .. and oh sooooooooooooo much better than a money hungry 'Pro' ehhhh!

    /ends sarcasm/

    Unfortunately, that won't be as funny as you think I am afraid.

    Forget about power poles/lines/etc. growing out of people's heads from behind, that's now no biggie, not when you can have an extendable pole growing right out of the front of you....... sooooo romantic, and to think once Priests used to ban photography way back in the church, then flash, but these days, well, I guess I could always bring in a troupe of monkeys carrying selfie sticks to go shoot the entire congregation.

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               That's THE worst thing I've ever seen at a wedding, as far as photography goes. I see more and more of this type of PHOTOGRAPHY. Not sure where our industry,  whether pro or amateur is heading. I will say I just recently, last month, bought a new cell phone. An LG G4. This thing shoots in Raw and has most manual functions as a mid level DSLR. The pictures coming out of this are quite good, good or bad light. 16 mp front facing camera and 8 mp rear facing one. Yes, the actual sensor is rather tiny, but as I stated, for what this is, it takes quite impressive photos. I even took it into a dark room, put it in manual, adjusted the iso, shutter speed, aperture, white balance, timed shutter, and the picture was excellent.
             Please note this is NOT a plug for cell phone cameras, only to state the obvious. These things are getting better and better all the time. As they say the best camera you have is the one your carrying, and probably most of us are carrying a cell phone. I don't ever see getting rid of my camera gear, but this Cell phone is quite amazing.  I should do an in studio comparison...Put the Cell on a tripod, my DSLR, all settings equal, as could be, and see what the outcome would be. Getting back to the wedding selfie....How many ways can you say horrible? Where all this is going only time will tell. For that to be permitted in a wedding, AND BY THE GROOM...UNBELIEVABLE!  I think I'll keep my Camera gear a little longer...
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    It's a nice top quality job btw also Ron. :)
  • I went to a garden wedding last week. I kid you not. The justice of the peace began the ceremony by taking out his cell phone, turning around and telling the bride and groom and everyone in the background to pose with him for a selfie. They did. The beaming JP then hands the phone to the maid of honor and tells her to tweet it out right then to a twitter handle created for the wedding. Unbelievable. The B&G were laughing. The crowd was wild with approval. I thought it was incredibly tacky. The ceremony continued with the JP making jokes throughout like he was a stand-up comic. They also had a pro there. I don't think pros are being replaced, no matter how good cell phones are now and how good Uncle Bob has gotten with his DSLR. Most people still realize the value of a pro to document their important day. A relative told me this week how disappointed she and her husband are that they got a photographer on the cheap for their wedding and got useless photos. What a mistake, she said regretfully. The wedding was 12 years ago and it still hurts.
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    Hey Trev
    Will the  monkeys be wearing a bow tie. ( LOL )

    Matrix photography
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    Bow ties, diapers, a big red nose and controlled by me, the Organ Grinder.
  • Throw in a bunch of nice Bananas and you got a deal.

  • TrevTrev Moderator

    WOW! Can it get any more cheesy/lower than that. I guess it will though.... sadly
  • Why would a bride need a selfie stick with a zillion cell phones facing her plus the hired photographer? And wouldn't that wreck the photos (of her)? 
  • Because vanity is taking over. Its becoming a ME society. 
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