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What to Charge for Photo Re-touching

I have a profile on a site called "Thumbtack", where people submit a request, and you bid for the job. Recently, I bid on a job, but the person did not select me. The event was about a week ago. Today, I got a request from her, asking if I could re-touch 8 photos from that job. I didn't ask why she didn't have the original photographer do it.

I don't know what's involved, and don't know until I look at the photos if I can even do it with just LR. But I don't know what to charge (heck, I have a hard time figuring out what to charge when I am the photographer)

Anyone got any opinions?



  • I'm trying to expand my client base with this Thumbtack site, but I feel like telling this woman "Well, if you had hired me in the first place, maybe no re-touching would be necessary". But, as I write, I'm trying to attract customers ....
  • First of all, ask her what the photos need exactly. And ask to see them. How do you even know if they can be edited to achieve what she wants? With the info you gave us, you don't. So first determine one, if it can be done and then two, can you do it. If the answer to both is yes then I'd charge her $75 per hour prorated to the half hour with a $75 minimum.

    If you cannot do it but you feel perhaps someone with more editing expertise can, tell her there are people to specialize in photo editing and to Google them. 

    Don't get into 'You should have hired me.....' It doesn't do either of you any good.
  • Skip - She has sent me a link to the 8 photos, and exactly what she wants to have edited. I told her I will get back to her tonight after I look at the photos. I did tell her I do not use PS, only LR, but I am not sure if she knows the difference. I was thinking, if I can do it at all, for $10 per photo. We'll see, and I hope they are in RAW format.

    Don't worry, I would never write that she should have hired me. But, I can think it for a little bit ...
  • TrevTrev Moderator
    Yes, like Skip said, but regardless of how long it takes there should be a minimum upfront fee of at the very least $75 but for first half hour, then whatever per hour after. After all, if you went to a general doctor they charge $75 for 10 mins (well here they do and that's a 'cheap' one) you pay for expertise, not what's cheap.

    But $10 per photo sounds ok as long as you could fit them all in less than half an hour, after all you don't want to be there all day wanging sliders all over the place in LR.

  • I never retouch images from another photographers.
    Personaly I find it kinda of insulting-  They didn't hire you and now they want you to fix all the problems the other photographer didn't/couldn't/wouldn't take of.


    Just my two cents..

    Lou Recine

  • I looked at the photos, and can't do anything with them anyway. I don't use Photoshop, and almost all the requested edits were removal of things - reflections in mirrors, people in undesired locations, stuff like that. I thought these were from the event she didn't hire me for, but I think they are from an ad campaign being developed, and maybe she was looking for someone real quick through Thumbtack. Like I wrote, looks like she was taking direction from someone else for an ad spread. Also, they were JPEGs.

    I actually was hoping they were from the event I didn't get. At least I would have gotten to see the work of the person who got hired instead of me, you know?

  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    Make sure you charge enough. An hourly rate is best, imho. 

    That said, I have a hard time editing other people's crap, and putting a shine on them.
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