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Marketing for photographers, What works for you?

JozunaJozuna Member
edited October 2015 in wedding photography
I know that every market is different and what works for some might not work for others.  But I really could use some advice on what you would recommend trying for marketing. 
I am mostly considering: 
- Wedding Wire, or the Knot. (But I have heard some bad stories there.)
- Google Adds
- Facebook adds (Not much though)
- Wedding Extravaganza etc. (Maybe a little too expensive for a part timer.)

Ideally I would like to budget $600 for marketing but I am willing to do whatever I need to go to that next level. So if that budget is unrealistic to try and get 6 or 7  additional weddings from it, let me know. 

Also, if you want to take a look at my website. It is www.jmomedia.com
CC on my website or photography is welcomed. 

PS: Just some background on my business if it helps, I have been in the photography business for 3 years now. 2 of those years, I have been trying to grow in wedding photography specifically. I really feel like I have a few weddings under my belt that have "ideal clients" and can attract the clients I want. I am not full time, but I want to grow to about a dozen weddings a year as a part time thing (this year I have had around 7 weddings. 4 large, 3 small. I also have a few booked for next year). I love this. I really don't think I'll make any money this year considering the gear I want to upgrade and the money I want to set aside for marketing.

Thanks for reading! 


  • Jozuna - I would like to give you a lot of advice, but I could use a bit myself. I started getting paid for Event Photography just this past May. I work full time, but I really enjoy this little part-time gig. I would like to get to the point where I have 1-2 paying jobs a month, with at least one of those where I set the pay rate. I do have one client where it's "this is how much we pay, are you interested", but I see it as a good opportunity to promote.

    Word-of-mouth has worked, a couple of paying jobs resulting from volunteer work. Recently, I put a profile up on "Thumbtack". I don't know where you are located, but maybe give this a shot. You pay to send a quote, and that's it. I've gotten a couple of jobs through them, but it is, like everything else, very competitive.

    You website is good, just make sure it is getting picked up by search engines, but I'm sure you are on top of that.

    I will be interested in reading what other people have to say.

  • Thanks for the feedback Bruno, it sounds like we are in similar boats. I left some feedback for you on your 6D post as well. I hope we get some responses. I am also very interested to see if Neil would share what he is currently doing for marketing. Our business is a lot of word of mouth also but I feel like it isn't quite enough right now.

    Thumbtack sounds interesting. I will definitely check it out. Can I ask what type of events you were able to book there? Do you do weddings?

    Thank you, I am working hard on keeping up SEO ranking but it is competitive on Google!

    Jared O.
  • Hi, Jared -

    I do not do weddings. Before I would do a wedding, I would want to work as a second shooter for someone at least 3-4 times, because I don't think it would be fair to a couple getting married for someone to shoot their wedding without experience.

    I actually don't think I would want to do weddings anyway. When I photograph an event (I guess I do every kind except weddings), I have a really good time, and I don't think that would be the case for a wedding. Unless, possibly, it was very casual event. But even then I don't know.

    Through Thumbtack I have been hired for a small family reunion, and a surprise birthday party (this one is next week). It's a little slow right now though.

  • I do do weddings, and I find the experience a lot of fun. I've done a few myself and a load more as a second shooter. The clients are the same types for either though, as the person I second shoot for is similar to myself and so the clients are, too. I would hate to do a really formal wedding - having fun features highly for all the couples so they're generally a chilled-out fun affair.

    I think it's right not to do professional weddings without second shooting, but I think if you're OK with the events pace, you'll be fine with weddings if you pick your clients and are honest with them and yourself about the type of people you want to photograph.

    On the marketing front, I'm reading with interest, as my shots are good but my marketing sucks big style so I need some advice, too!!
  • Mr L: Yes, maybe low-key weddings, and not the more traditional kind would be OK for me to do. What I don't have any experience with is posing people. So of course, with a big church/temple wedding and a big formal reception after, there are going to be those times right after the service where the formal shots are taken. Not right now for me.

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