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Falling in love with Zeiss lenses

julieojulieo Member
edited November 2015 in general photography
with Carl Zeiss! 
Today I took zeiss out for a walk in the garden and it brought me back to why I love photography. I typically shoot way too many images in a session worrying that I might have missed something and I must cover my tracks by shooting more. This lens takes me back to my old F100, where I would throw my favorite B&W film in and shoot 12 or 24 images. 12 or 24 carefully composed images because film was expensive and the processing time was long. When the roll was over I would start mixing the chemicals in my laundry room/ darkroom and watch the images come to life just the way you envisioned them. Dodging and burning the prints with spoons and objects from around the kitchen and then hanging them to dry as you leaned against the wall admiring the image.
There is just something about a wonderful lens and even though this lens is mounted to my sony mirrorless (by way of an adapter) and not to an old film camera, shooting with manual focus feels meaningful, nostalgic and just right. 

probably not much of an image, but i like it anyway


  • I was about to hit the "like" button, then realised I'm not on Facebook at the moment....fail :(

  • TrevTrev Moderator
    Like Jerry, I too 'Like' this image Julieo.

    Nice rich colours, and I do like the 'clutter' in the background as it makes the crab stand out.

    Now, the $64,000 question, is that a real land crab or a sculpture?

    I love the positioning of the 'get me outta here' for that crab, so sculpture or real, it's a really nice shot. 

    Now, to hit that thumbs up button . . .

  • @Trev and @Jerry,
    Not a real crab just a rusted old one outside the garden. I guess it was more of a post about some oldie lenses and how it was a nice walk down memory lane while using it. Nothing wrong with today's digital, but somedays I miss the "feel " of film.  This old lens is the Carl Zeiss 85mm 1.4 , it feels like a brick, tons of beautiful glass! This particular Zeiss has the triangle bokeh, very filmish feel. 
    I need to take it out more often.
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