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Editing Software Choices

I saw some editing software yesterday on the web called "Reverie". Really looked amazing, the before and after shots what it can do. I think it's "actions" and their are about 60 or more. I own lightroom and photoshop already. I don't see that they achieve that same results though. Neil, what is your suggestion on software? Is their anything other than Lightroom/photoshop worth getting?


  • TrevTrev Moderator

    I did try to have a look, but I get heaps of 'Reverie' stuff, including actions which is entirely different, as you did state 'software'.

    Also got Reverie Audio Editing stuff, but not any links to an actual 'Reverie Editing Software' when I search some time back when you posted.

    So, samples and a link would be helpful. Thanks.

    Is this it?  http://paintthemoon.net/products/reverie/

    Because if so, that's entirely in Photoshop with Actions, ergo you do get same results in Photoshop if conversant with it.

    What you won't get though, *if* they are using 'Layers' to do it, is to be able to get it in Lightroom, they don't have Channels/Layer Masks capabilities.

  • TrevTrev Moderator
    edited December 2015

    I just had a look at the videos and read the blurb, totally in Photoshop, and there is of course interaction required by the user to achieve those looks (which are very nice btw) with adjustments, brushing, transforming for the vignetting, etc.

  • I found out that it won't work with my version of Photoshop anyway...7. I had CS, but I cant' get it working anymore..been this way the past several years.
    In the mean time, i found this  
    This is a pretty good price. Like most editing software, their is a ton of crap that just isnt' useful...like adding lipstick and rough!!?
    I like how it lets you put "lighting" on a face like a studio. Of course, I'm continuing to practice to the best of my ability using OCF before any post editing.
    The other thing i'm looking for and it has this...shine reducer.
    I already have Color Effex Pro and it has alot of good stuff in it. On one hand, i don't want to overwhelm myself by seeing so many adjustment posibilities with new program. I can already use frequency seperation for softening skin and dynamic skin softener in C.Effex. It may be better to be an expert with what you have, rather than having so many choices to deal with and never having that same level of confidence.
  • TrevTrev Moderator
    edited December 2015

    Like anything in life, it's better to be really proficient in one thing than have a very small amount of knowledge in several and getting yourself in a muddle and having to do lots of unnecessary extra work as you say.

    Regarding that Portrait Professional, the key word here is 'portrait' so it's aimed exclusively at fairly close up portrait work thereby eliminating a vast majority of images, but if that is what you mainly do, then it would be a good choice, for doing stuff quickly and easily enough, it also does that 'photoshop' thing like shortening long chins, narrowing/widening faces, opening eyes, etc. etc. so it depends on how far you want to take it.

    I tried it a long time ago, and yes it was good, but it totally eliminated at least 95% of my work as a wedding photographer as only 5% of my wedding shots would be really close portrait shots of brides, etc., and certainly not conducive to trying to 'fix' faces in a large group shot (although they do have a sample of that with 4 people in it).

    Give it a try, there is a trial available.

  • Trev..........i bought the Portrait Pro Standard. With the additional 15% off, i only paid $33 something...I understand everything you're saying..mostly for  close ups..I kind of just found that out myself. I tried 4 person group where their faces were small...........further away, and it took a very very long time to automate the configuring on them. Because the faces were smaller i assume. I do a fair share of the closer stuff (my wife and her friends). I can always get a refund on it within 30 days...i hope easily if i decided to.  I knew and know now their is alot of the garbage stuff...adding makeup??! That's kind of nutty to me. Stretching the neck...it's ok if you're subtle. So far i like...
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