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Anyone shooting Fuji?

Hi All

Fuji cameras have rather passed me by, until the other day when I had a look and was forced to dig a bit deeper.

This all stemmed from a duff/dodgy Sigma 24mm Art. I turned that into a 24-35 f2, but spent a lot of time looking at Fuji with the XT1 and 23mm lens. I'm not quite sure what I want from a wide prime at the moment, so I wasn't sure on 24 or 35mm. I liked with the 24mm that I can slap it on the 7D for more of a 35mm look, but equally sometimes I prefer 24mm.

Fuji appears to do a capable 24mm and 35mm equivalent, and being f1.4 I don't feel I am missing out on shallow DoF, and they appear to have good bokeh too.

I like the Sigma 24-35 immensely but at just under 1kg, it is very heavy. I would be able to shoot a Fuji and both lenses for just over the weight of the Sigma, meaning my 5D weight essentially vanishes. I took the Sigma out for some test shots the other day and the weight was an issue for sure.

So, people who have shot Fuji, what are they like? Is it viable to shoot Fuji with wideangle alongside my Canon with the 50 and 85 lenses? Or is the Fuji too different for colour and/or handling to make that viable?

Not worried about flash because when I would shoot the two cameras I am almost always shooting natural light only. When I am onto flash, out comes the 24-70 for the 5D.

Many thanks for any insight!


  • Hi Mr Logic!

    I have a Fuji 100S and it takes great photos!

    I also have a Nikon D4,D700,D7000 But need to buy a camera that was small enough whenever not taking the big guns…

    There are times that you do need to have a small camera and I did some research and got the Fuji 100S. Mainly because
    I was looking for a camera with a fix lens. The quality of the Fuji is nothing short of phenomenal!

    Even the Jpeg files are amazing! Acutally that's how I shoot with the Fuji…not RAW as I do with the Nikons. And this is only because with the Fuji all I want is to take some great photos without worrying with fixing them in Lightroom…

    I know the model I have is not the one you are asking about but because it's a Fuji I thought this might be useful information as far as the quality of this camera etc…

    Hope this helps!

  • Many thanks for the info. Good to hear some info from someone with first hand experience.
  • The fuji 16mm f1.4 (24mm equivalent) is a great lens with great colour and sharpness. Fuji make very few mediocre lenses and almost no poor ones. Generally recognised as the best fuji lenses are:

    50-140 IS f2.8 (70-200)
    90mm f2 (135mm)
    56mm f1.2 (85mm)
    16mm f2 (24mm)
    23mm f1.4 (35mm)
    35mm (maybe not quite as optically perfect as some of the above but it has a great look for skin tones
    16-50mm f2.8 - not as loved as it has no IS and is 2 stops slower than the primes.
    18mm f2 (almost pancake size) is considered anywhere from not great to OK to good depending on who you ask.
    27mm pancake is cheap, sharp but otherwise just ok and its f2.8 with no IS

    I have all of the above except the 16-50 and have tested them all. My favourites are the 16mm for anything, 56mm for portraits, 50-140 when I have enough light and things are moving a bit slower, 35mm for full length portraits, 90mm I just got so havent used yet. 

    I use fuji x-t1's at the brides house, Canon 5D 3 and the 70-200 mk2 in the ceremony and a mix of the two for portraits and dancing shots. The 16mm is great for danding shots with a Nissin i40 flash bounced straight up, I can get in on the dancefloor and get some close up shots with great colour and sharpness and it seems to focus fast.

  • Damien Lovegrove's blog has some very detailed breakdowns of the fuji lenses and where they excel.
  • Thanks very much for the info. Do you find the XT1 focuses reliably in the low light of the dancefloor? My 5D3 struggles so I do worry when considering the move to mirrorless.
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    Are you using flash on the dance-floor, or using flash? 
    And what focusing mode are you using with your Canon 5D mk3 ? 
  • Yes, flash is almost always used. Bare minimum bounce flash but preferably with an off camera speed light also.

    Focus mode usually a single AF point but using area AF has definitely helped. The 7D2 is noticeably better so I often shoot it with the 24-70, usually at 24mm.
  • Please take everything below with a pinch of salt as its really difficult to compare two systems to shoot wedding dancing shots due to the fact that you can never, ever shoot the same subject in the same light with the same background. So there is a big possibility that I am biased/ longing for the lighter system to be better/ otherwise confused. Ok, having said that...

    I have been surprised by how well the fuji x-t1 focuses for dance shots. It can normally struggle with any kind of backlighting, or where there is a lot of contrast in the background it can tend to jump and lock onto the background, but for nigh time shots it has been really good, so much so that when editing I can often see wen a Canon shot at f2.8 comes up in a bunch of Fuji shots at f1.4, 1.8, 2.0. The canon shots seem dead in comparison with more editing needed. My canon 85L can give some amazing dance shots when it focuses but the hit rate is very low. At the last wedding I found myself taking off the 5D3 and 85L and leaving it in a corner beside the band, and wandering in among the guests shooting with the fuji 16mm - just the Nissin i40 with the white card up and the flash pointed up. The shots were exposed more than the ambient and I didn't capture a true reflection of a dark dancefloor but I was shooting guests reactions, dancing, fun and capturing the energy of the floor. It's easy to darken any shot a bit once its exposed well. I set the fuji at 1600 ISO, with a shutter speed I found would work based on the ambient, and the flash on TTL picking up the exposure.
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    If anyone is interested, I am selling my Fuji X-E2

  • Mr_LogicMr_Logic Member
    edited December 2015
    Thanks Neil, financially I am forced to pass - still reeling from the Canon kit I've bought this year. Yet again, life teaches me that when considering two choices, I should buy the expensive one - one day I will learn and save a fortune! Should have bought the 5D3 when I originally bought my 6D!
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