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Mini session with daughter

My girls always love having a little mini session when they arrive home for break. The sun was going down fast and I found it was quicker for me to grab the reflector and start shooting. I had her hold the reflector at the beginning ( but I  did not like the angle of her arms) and then I attached it to a metal dive spear I stuck into the ground and had her use her foot to aim the golden light in the right direction.
One image was taken with a Nikon D4 70-200 @ 1000 ISO and one was taken with Sony A7ii with the old Carl Zeiss 85 1.4 @ 200 ISO......I'll let you decide which one ( without looking at the EXIF :)





  • Im guessing #2 is the Zeiss. And in case you are wondering why? Depth of field on #2 and closer crop signifying 85mm. Grain in the Bokeh on #1 showing the higher ISO choice along with looser crop. Am I correct?

    Beautiful daughter and shot by the way, but If I may add and this is personal choice for a critique. (not that you asked)  I would like to see the pose a little refined without the lean. Also the rail/fence is a tad distracting and draws the eye away from a perfect photo. But thats a nit pick:) 
  • Funny, you are so right about the lean. I did not even notice that before, which is why its is great to get feedback. I will try some on the other side of the rose fence as well. I guess the lens challenge was pretty simple, i just love the bokeh from the Zeiss lens but I can really use it one slower moving subjects due to the manual focus.
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    The shallower DoF gives away which one is the 85mm lens. 

    Also, the bokeh of the top image is a little busier - and that would be the Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8

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