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Colour differences between Canon 6D bodies

Jon_PalmerJon_Palmer Member
edited January 2016 in Canon


I've had a Canon 6D for just over a year now, with a 60D as a backup. I've recently sold the 60D and replaced it with another 6D body.

Straight away I noticed the images from the new 6D have a warmer green/yellow ish tint to them compared to the original 6D images, particularly on skin tones.

I've done some tests using the same lens & exposure settings between the two and the new body is consistently producing images with the tint, the intensity of which varies depending on WB or picture style settings, but it's always present and noticeable when comparing images side by side. 

I'm shooting RAW and editing both sets of images exactly the same in Canon's DPP software, in fact copying the recipies between the two.

Anyone seen this behaviour before or do I have a dud that needs to be returned?



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