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Care to cast an eye over my portfolio?

Hi folks,

After many weddings second shooting, and a few as the only shooter, I've finally got round to having a stab at a portfolio online.

Plenty of people here with a lot more experience than me, so I wondered if anyone would be so good as to have a look at my portfolio and let me have their thoughts?

Many thanks :)


  • I think they are excellent. Nice work. There are only one or two I'd get rid of. I am not the best judge as I do not shoot weddings but I think any couple would want to hire you after looking at these.
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    Tom - a few observations: 

    You're still using Flash. That limits your SEO potential. 

    Your SEO on your site is poor. You'll have to rethink your overall strategy on SEO. 

    Your website is meant for potential wedding clients?  Are Cats and Equestrian professional categories? If not, then either remove "Cats" and "Equestrian", or put those as sub-categories under "Personal" or similar. At the moment it has a hodgepodge feel to it. 

    Under "Contact", you have "visit website" with a link back to yourself. This is redundant. There is also no Address. 

    Now, the important stuff - your wedding photography:

    1.) Completely re-order your layout of images  under Weddings!  You start off with preparation shots (where brides have their hair still a mess as they are being attended to). You need to start with the epic photos. The photos that would instantly appeal to potential clients. 

    2.) Reduce the number of images. 

    3.) A good approach to selecting images - are these images where the clients can see themselves projected in? Making them wish they were there?  (I hope I am explaining this well.)  
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    Ruthless advice (to everyone) - stop thinking of your website as a portfolio that says, "Hey! look at how nice my photos are."

    Instead, think of your website as a sales pitch. "Here is what I can do for you!"

    See how different the approach is? The latter is focused on the client.

  • Thanks Neil for having a look and for some very helpful points - I have some work to do :) Equestrian photography has been the main theme for a while, weddings is something I have been building in the background but would like to make more the main focus. Cats I added when I had some interest in feline photoshoots but not had anything since so will likely remove, at least from the front page.

    I haven't finished the overall layout of the site as yet. I am currently using Zenfolio, with their templates, as you basically have to with them. You said about the SEO, which tbh is not my strong suit! Given that Zenfolio doesn't, AFAIK, have a non-flash option, is it worth me changing website provider specifically to get HTML5?

    I don't really have a strategy per se for SEO - I'll do some digging...

    In terms of images, I get the idea behind the order so I'll change that; in terms of numbers, how drastic a reduction would you suggest? (and are they actually good enough?)

    Many thanks!
  • Yes, I meant to say that too, about the cat and horse photos. I see you've since removed the cat heading. Even if the horse pix are the best in the world, if you want to attract wedding clients I'd make a whole new website for your equestrian clients and have this site just be weddings and portraits. You just want to say 'I'm a superb wedding photographer!' You don't want anyone thinking your a horse photographer who also does weddings.

    Totally great advice from Neil on the order of the wedding images and the message you want potential clients to get. I'd also take out any photos you don't think are award winners. Just like one mean comment can undo 100 nice ones I think one or two mediocre photos can give potential clients pause. They don't all.have to be 'wow!' or tear jerkers (cause that's subjective anyway) but they all have to be stellar in technical quality.
  • McGregNiMcGregNi Member
    edited January 2016
    I have to add in here, interesting thread on website presentation, thanks .... But the initial comment from Neil that ' you're still using flash' ..... Well, that had me stumped for a little while !!
  • Crikey this is tough stuff, trying to get everything arranged and flowing properly. I've made a start but lots more to do!!
  • OK, so I've completely re-ordered the shots, and remove about a third of them.... Hopefully the end result of that is much closer to the three points Neil raised above. More feedback definitely appreciated - this has already taught me a load and I've not finished investigating all the points raised as yet!

    many thanks :)
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