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The mature woman photo-shoot

Stephen71Stephen71 Member
edited February 2016 in portraits & people

Hi Neil

And to any one else who would like to contribute to the above topic.

I am constantly forever studying different styles of portraits , and realised that most photographers generally use the younger female model to enhance there work , for which I totally get.

I have just started  using the local village hall for a studio and my first subject was a stunning 53 year old woman.

I believe my first efforts were good but could of been improved more , My plan was to give kim high key flattering light to lose detail in the wrinkles as a smaller light source would of enhanced the wrinkles and laughter lines .  so I contradict my self in telling you that I used the west cott beauty dish 26 inch callapsible but close up to kim ,with a white back drop..  To me the light filled in real good and I used Photoshop to reduce the wrinkles ONLY.

I googled some posing styles and screened shot on the Ipad and showed kim on the day of posing techniques to do ,, ( we  had a laugh at this stage ).

My question is,  have you guys and girls got any more ways to use lighting for woman of this certain age and more that could be deemed as flattering  ?

By the way Kim kindly asked me could I reduce or do some magic in PS because she would feel uneasy of showing the wrinkles in public so close.

I will insert both before and after images for you to see  ,,  kim is realy Happy with the latta.

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