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Batteries In ... Batteries Out

I'm sure this will seem a silly question to most: when I get ready for a job that has a twist to it, and I have to use some off-camera lighting, I set stuff up and practice  getting things right, looking for places that will trip me up, stuff like that. With three wireless units, two flashes, maybe a third - that's a lot of batteries to put in and take out. How long can you realistically leave batteries in these units before the fear of something going amiss (maybe I'm just old enough to remember batteries leaking inside of toys)? Can you leave then loaded for a couple of weeks? If batteries are so improved that they never leak, what else can happen to them or the equipment they are in if they are left installed for an extended period?

Thanks - Dave


  • TrevTrev Moderator

    I leave my batteries in all the time. Sanyo Eneloops.

    Take them out only when charging. Sometimes a flash/trigger unit will have the batteries in them for a few weeks without being used.

    The only time I've taken batteries out are like for good on old flash units I no longer use.

  • Thanks, Trev. I have Eneloops and also Energizer and Duracell. I guess I have to get with modern times and not worry about leaking cells.

  • Good up-to-date NiMh rechargeables can be left in for quite a while (although it is still advisable to take them out if the flash won't be used for a long time) but that is not the case with alkaline batteries. Alkaline batteries can leak if left in devices for a long time which is why the battery manufacturers recommend taking them out if the device won't be used for a while. Many devices continue to discharge the batteries even when they are turned off, albeit with a very small current. If left long enough, the batteries become severely over discharged and can leak. Better safe than sorry!
  • dbrunodbruno Member
    edited March 2016
    Thanks, NikG. Helpful info. Really what I'm talking about is maybe leaving batteries in the units for a few weeks, so I don't have to break absolutely everything down between "gearing up" and the event I was gearing up for.

  • I leave mine in most of the time. However, I do recharge them before shooting a session or an event where I will have heavy use. I also carry spare batteries for all devices. I also remember leaking batteries - I carry all my spares in small zip lock bags. I put four batteries per bag. I have had some alkaline batteries leak, but since they were in a bag, nothing else was affected.
  • I also use Sanyo (now Panasonic) Eneloops.  I'll leave batteries in if I know I'll be shooting at least once a week.  Less frequent than that, and I'll store them in Storacel Powerpax caddies (fits 12 each).  Just habit I suppose.
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    Another vote for Sanyo Eneloops - and I keep them in my flashes after I have recharged them. 

    I'm sure there is some leaking of power while the batteries are left in the flashes, but for convenience I just leave them in. 
  • dbrunodbruno Member
    Slowly acquiring more Panasonic Eneloops.

    I have Duracell and Eveready batteries that show they are the same chemistry as Eneloops. So, what's the difference?
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