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Nikon SLR that sends files instantly?

Hi, I would like to get a Nikon that will send my photos instantly, bypassing the need to first off-load onto a computer. Say a client wants the photos instantly.

Is there such a camera?

I found the following info under the D4s on the B&H site but (maybe it sounds strange) I don't know if this means it can send photos instantly camera-to-client. Or does it mean you can buy an attachment that will enable camera-to-client sending.

Complementing a fast, time-sensitive workflow, this camera also employs numerous strategies designed to benefit fast offloading and transferring of files. Support is available for a 1000 Base-T (Gigabit) wired LAN connection and file recording is possible in a 12-bit RAW SIZE S file size to help expedite post-production. When recording movies or time lapse imagery, optional external recorders can be used to record uncompressed movie files, with simultaneous recording to memory cards and live view monitoring possible.


If it is an attachment, is there a less-expensive camera that can also do This? Such as 800 or 810?

Ps, I know a cell phone does this. I need a high end DSLR.

Thank you.


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