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Album or Photo Book

dbrunodbruno Member
edited April 2016 in business
I use an on-line bidding service called Thumbtack. Lately it's been sort-of working for me, as I'm getting some hires.

The requester fills out a form, and one of the questions to answer is "Photo Products Desired". Sometimes, the request comes through with CDs, USB, on-line download, or album or photo book. They also fill out what their budget is.

When a request comes through including "album or photo book", I write in my quote message that my price does not include any printed products, because it is isn't possible to quote that without knowing how many prints they want, or how many they want in the album.

I fully realize this is much different than what a wedding photographer would be doing. But these are non-wedding events.

Any advice on how to handle this, or is it OK to say that albums/prints/books are not included? I know I've had people simply take what I give them on USB, etc, and make their own prints.



  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    Look at Blurb books?  Perhaps they offer something that isn't pricey. 
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    Or Miller Albums - Signature books. 
    They are lay-flat press-printed albums.
  • Thanks, Neil. I just wrote a message to this one person I quoted, after doing some quick pricing with Blurb, and gave a couple of examples. I also wrote that it is difficult to price into a quote for a non-wedding event the cost of printed materials, because there are many options which depend on number and size of photos, type of cover, etc.

    If I start to get more of these requests, I may look to a couple of options, and just tell the customer this is who I use and what they charge.

    There is also ShootProof, which I started to look into months ago. But to me, it's no different that uploading photos to Costco. Maybe I'm mistaken about that, I don't know.

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