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Missing images from CF card after wedding

Just got back from shooting a wedding in Cyprus, when I got back to the UK and opened the images into LR I noticed I was missing around 200 images from the beach shoot, I managed to recover the images using Lexar recovery software but I really thought I had lost them as this is the first time this has ever happened to me in many years of shooting weddings. I viwed the images on camera after the shoot then removed the CF card and stored it in a sealed CF card case, all the images prior to the beach shoot were there but all the beach shoot images were all missing, I was using a fresh battery so it can't have been a battery fault, any ideas why this would happen? The Lexar card was around 6 months old.


  • TrevTrev Moderator
    edited April 2016

    It happens, but thankfully rare event.

    There was nothing you did wrong but did you have a backup card, as in 2 card slots.

    There is no way I do weddings using a camera not capable of recording backup to a second card slot.

    Also, I always use different card 'batches' as in when I buy cards, I put the date of purchase on the back, but never put the same purchase date of the two cards into the camera, as it may have been a 'batch' fault with the cards.

    A friend did a wedding as a 2nd shooter to this other woman who was using a Canon with a CF and an SD card slot, but she's never bothered to buy an SD to put in, and yep you guessed it, catastrophic failure on the CF card (also it was some weird brand not like Sandisk/Lexar) and she could not get any images out. Like you she could see them in camera, but no reader would find them.

    She spent over 17 hours with software trying to recover them and got back around 150, losing well over 600 others, and my friend was lucky she was shooting beside the other nearly all the time and managed to get shots of the whole day.

    I have not had it happen to me personally, but 2 CF Cards always in camera and they are back up, not overflow, nor choose to shoot RAW and Jpegs on other, always RAWs to both.

    Advice, throw out that card, and if your camera is capable of holding 2 cards, do so.

    Have you taken card back to place of purchase, I mean Sandisk are supposed to have a lifetime warranty, don't know about Lexar?

  • Thanks for the replies, yes, I always shoot with 2 cards (raw to cf and jpg to sd) , whilst I had the jpg's I am more interested in why this would happen in the first place, as its never happened to me before I'm guessing that the card has gone faulty or this has happened whilst transferring the images to my iMac via the card reader? Scary stuff, and a reminder to always use 2 cards........

    On a separate note, this was my first wedding shot all day outdoors in full bright sunlight (we rarely get that in the UK!!), whilst the images are great and the setting was perfect I found it really hard work fighting the sun all day with just off camera speedlites and Neil's 'shooting in bright sunlight' videos were constantly in my mind (cheers Neil! )
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    Lexar and Canon seem to have issues. 
    About 6 years back, I lost 32 images from the wedding formals ... from the point where I changed lenses. 
    That was the only thing that I did differently while shooting - I changed lenses on my Canon 1D mk3. 
    Lexar and Canon issued a firmware update on the Canon bodies around then to circumvent this type of problem. 

    Glad you got your images back!

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