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Advice on a Tamron Lens for Canon

Tamron SP AF LD Aspherical IF 28-105mm f/2.8 LD for Canon

Hi - I have the Canon 24-105 mm F4 L IS, and for the kinds of events I mostly work, I have been moaning that there isn't one in this range at F2.8. Not only for the low-light situations, but for the subject/background isolation when grabbing a candid from across the room. I was going to possibly but a 24-70 F2.8, but my last two events confirmed that I really do need 105 mm.

If any of you guys know anything about this lens, own it, have used it, etc., please comment. Also, of the on-line reviewers, please let me know who you have a lot of faith and trust in, and I can look for their comments as well. I have heard it is very unusual, from a lens construction standpoint, to have this range at this wide an aperture.

I realize this lens does not have stabilization, but I think that's OK. With people laughing, joking, waving their hands and all that, I'm pretty much always at 1/100 shutter grabbing candids at events.

Thanks - Dave

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