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Sharing Photos

I have a potential client who is having a meeting with 150-200 attendees. She wants them to be able to download photos if they want, but at no cost.

I have suggested Dropbox, and making her the "owner" of the link, but she would have to send the link out many, many times. I have investigated Flickr, and found you can create a private "group", but she would still have to send an invitation to join many, many times.

Anyone have any suggestions? The only other thing I can think of is to send her a USB with the photos, and have her copy them to a "share" drive on a server, if she has one at her company. The problem is if not everyone works at the same place, outsiders may not be able to access as there may be a firewall.

Any suggestions would be great. I'm tring not to lose this one.

Thanks - Dave


  • Dave:

    If you use Drop Box, Flicker or any other method to make the
    photos available, your client will have to notify the attendees how to access
    the photos.


  • dbrunodbruno Member
    Thanks, Quin. She decided to use Dropbox, because unlike a Flickr "group", if I send her the link with editing/collaborating, or just make her the owner of the link, she can copy and paste it into emails sent to the meeting attendees. If you create a group in Flickr, people have to be invited through Flickr. An extra step. The big thing was the privacy part.

  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    Make sure that the folder in Dropbox doesn't contain your only copy of the files - for if the other person moves them, they are deleted from your computer. 

    BTW, Dropbox is an essential part of my general office and business workflow. 
  • dbrunodbruno Member
    I keep the original RAW files, and the culled down, processed JPEGs in a folder "Deliverables". At some point in time, I will go through the process of deleting the RAW files that were not processed and delivered.

    I shared a Dropbox link with a client after an event, but since I "shared" it, she could not send the link out to members of her group. I re-sent the link, and made her a "Collaborator", telling her to let me know if it didn't work, as the next step was to make her "Owner" of the link. I never heard back, so I'm assuming this worked.

    I have an event tomorrow night where I will be in the same situation, so I will start out with "Collaborator".

    Is there any issue in making someone the "owner" of the link, as long as I have all the photos on my computer?

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