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Best Tripod for stability

I have been searching for a stable Tripod that can handle D800 and a reasonably heavy long lens.  I am so confused by all options that are out there....Some are light weight but can't handle the weight of the camera and a long lens....Does anyone have a suggestion for something that they have used to shoot weddings and some outdoor photography ?   


  • TrevTrev Moderator
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    I cannot speak for anyone else in here, but I don't use, nor have I ever seen any other pros using a tripod for camera/lens on a wedding shoot, just really cumbersome.

    If you need stability, I would, if I had to, choose a monopod, very portable, easy to carry (in fact you can sling it over your shoulder if comfortable having camera/lens hanging off end) but make sure you get a really good professional one.

    Manfrotto monopod is one I have which I use on rare occasions for any sport I know I may have to spend several hours doing with a long lens.

    There are so many variables though if you go down that path.

    You have choices in how the 'feet/legs' are as in a 'light stand type' with a set level 3 footed stand where it's all equal, or 3 individual legs as in 'tripod' which are independently adjusted, very time consuming, but the most sturdy.



    Not cheap, but you need quality, depends on your budget.

    If you shoot things like landscape, waterfalls, etc. etc. then yep, a good tripod with individual adjusting legs for long exposure times is a must.


    EDIT: Make sure you check the 'load capacity' on tripods, some fairly expensive tripods only have like 8.8lbs which is only 4kg, so with a large camera body and a pretty long lens you will be on the edge of 'maxing' out.

    With monopods you can have up to 24+lbs (10+kg), depends on the brand.

  • Hi Shehla, 

    I cannot answer your tripod question as I haven't bought one in a really long time. However, I wanted to strongly suggest that you get a Really Right Stuff head. They are rock solid. They are expensive but, IMHO, well worth it. No drooping with these heads. No point in getting the perfect sturdy tripod and then putting a mediocre head on it. Maybe you already know this. But if not I hope this advice helps. Here's link: http://www.reallyrightstuff.com
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