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photo printers

lucentkolucentko Member
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Just wondering what is your opinion on 2 new photo printers.
Epson Surecolor P800 vs Canon image Pro-1000
Both support same format but Epson support the roll of paper so the panoramatic pictures can be printed.
Also there is rebate on the Epson.
Any opinion about the quality of prints/colors?
Thank you,


  • TrevTrev Moderator
    edited June 2016

    The Epson SureColor P800 is the successor to the extremely popular and brilliant Epson Stylus 3880 printer which I have used.

    I did have a Canon iP900, for a while but found I was forever cleaning print heads, only lasting around 3-4 years.

    Now, the P800 has a better price per image print cost then many smaller printers, (around 30%+ cheaper than the smaller printers) but there is a bit of a price outlay initially, and it comes with a 'starter' ink cartridge kit of 65mL tanks (9 tanks - normally they run 80mL tanks) and you will need to buy a full replacement kit once the initial cartridges are used with the 80mL ones.

    The colours are absolutely brilliant and as far as B&W printing goes nothing beats it in its price range, amazing shadow detail.

    Epson Sure Color P800 Key Features:

    • A2 sized printer
    • Optional roll holder allows use of 17" rolls as well
    • Wifi, USB and ethernet connection options.  Apple iPrint and Google CloudPrint support.
    • Comes with starter cartrdges - about 65ml in each (normally they have 80mls).  This is enough to charge the print head and do a fair bit of test printing but do factor in a replacement set before too long.
    • Unrivaled black density and print quality
    • Economical 80ml tanks (means each and every print is cheaper than with the smaller printers)
    • All 9 inks are loaded simultaneously (no changing cartridges when you change media) - 8 are used at any one time and there is a small switch-over process between photo and matte black
    • 3 Levels of black ink - for fantastic, easy, neutral black and white prints
    • Advanced LUT technology for smoother gradations
    • Fantastic, very well tested, Epson UltraChrome HD ink print quality

    Both printers are roughly the same outlay from what I can see (around $1800Australian) but the Epson I have now is far superior to the initial Canon iP900 I had which was the model before the Canon iP1000.

    I am only going by my experience, others may differ, but I absolutely now stick to Epson.

    I even have a cheap $85 Epson for printing Invoices, other documents and it's already over 2 years old and going really strong. The Epson Inks may be a bit dearer, but, in the long run as I said, the running costs are much cheaper than some of the smaller printers out there.


  • There really is no difference in print quality between the 2. Both are excellent. One big difference is the maximum print size between them. The max size for the Canon is 17x24. The Epson will take roll paper if you want to do panoramas. A draw back of the Epson is that it uses  2 different black inks for printing mat and glossy papers. The problem with that is they both use the same channel so that switching from one to the other wastes about 6 ml of ink every time you switch paper types. If used infrequently the Epson is more prone to clogging than the Canon. Heres a link that may help you make a decision:

  • Thank you so much for your feedback.
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