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My 85mm 1.4 suddenly out of focus

sasko1sasko1 Member
Couple of weeks ago I fine tuned my 85mm on my D700, so the focus was close to sharp. I did two weddings with it and all 85mm images are good. Even on f1.6!
Yesterday I had another wedding and most of my images taken with 85mm are blurry. Somehow something not working correctly. I checked EXIF data and everything seems the same. For example, when images were sharp, I had times 1/125th and f1,6 and spot on! This time I had times 1/800th which should be even better I guess, but it did not. :(
What could be wrong? Could I've accidently changed something whil D700 hangin' from my belt? I am afraid to use 85mm anymore and will change it to 24-70 for my next wedding if I don't solve this.

Could maybe AF-C 51 vs AF-C 9 effect this? I can't check, what settings was before, maybe even the same.

Any idea?  Thanks for help


  • Possibly your M/A-M switch got bumped and knocked off of auto focus?  That has happened to me before and I didn't realize immediately.  Just make sure it's fully clicked on the M/A position and didn't accidentally get halfway (or fully) pushed into Manual.  
  • sasko1sasko1 Member
    You mean the one on the lens? Uh, I hope it is only that. Will check when I arrive to my studio, currently I am on the field. Thanks for suggestion
  • TrevTrev Moderator
    What Dave said re M/A-M switch on side of lens, been there done that and only 2 months ago at the start of a wedding, scared the hell out of me for 40 seconds until I remembered I had turned it to M at home before I left, so I could test fire my triggers/off camera flash inside without having to take off the lens cap and focusing.

  • sasko1sasko1 Member
    edited June 2016
    I checked... and it was not the issue with M/A-M button. :( Also, the focus point beep sound was normal, so focus was working.

     I tested today with two cameras. 85mm on D700 missing focus on f1.4-f1.6 but nailing it on D4S. So it has to be something with connection to these two, D700 and 85mm. I tested also Sigma 35mm on f1.4 + D700 and works as charm.
    So I donno what could be wrong. Very frustrated.
  • TrevTrev Moderator
    edited June 2016
    Have you cleaned the contacts on the lens mount (and the lens) on the D700 just so it's making full contact. It was working, and it's still working on the D4s so it's certainly either a malfunction in camera D700 or an intermittent contact issue, sometimes like a flash/hotshoe issue with dirty contacts, just a thought.

  • sasko1sasko1 Member
    Will do that too. Although... I tested other lenses on D700 and everything was fine. I doubt that only 85mm would not work due to bad contacts.

    Maybe it is just time to give up and upgrade to D750.
  • TrevTrev Moderator

    It could be dirty contacts, but on your lens, not just the camera body, have seen that before, don't give up just yet and since you supplied more information that other lenses all work on the body, then I am sure something is awry with the 85mm lens itself.

    Also, when you mount it, make sure it's firmly seated a couple of others in here have suffered from that with the lenses not properly clicked into place, but I presume since you swapped it out and back it's not that, just trying to cover all bases.

  • sasko1sasko1 Member
    Thanks for support Trev.
    It is strange, since 85 lens works as charm on my D4S. It's just problem when I put it on D700. I am now afraid to go to wedding with this setup now. And it is the middle of the wedding season. Bugger
    Will still try to figure it out, of course
  • I was going to suggest you might have ithe camera on C continuous focus, but I see that the focus is good when you pit the Sigma on. Is there any chance it was on C and then you switched it back to S before you put the Sigma on? Is it only out of focus, with the D700, at 1.4 and 1.6? What about other apertures? It is a mystery that it's doing it with one lens and not the other. 
  • sasko1sasko1 Member
    Skipperlange: would the C be the problem? But it worked with Sigma lens which was on C too. 

    Yes, only out of focus with D700. 85mm works as charm on D4s.
    On D700 images became sharper or barely acceptable within f2 or more.
    But week ago, I took portrait photo of group of three on 1.4 and it was sharp as knife. Very strange behaviour, changed over night.
    Donno if reseting the camera would help. 

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