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My first wedding and a special thanks to Neil vN.

gordonterrygordonterry Member
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Good evening all,

My name is Gordon and I am an aspiring wedding photographer. I live in the South of England and I have been following the tangents forum for some time since seeing the "Direction of Light" seminar at B&H Photo by Mr Van Niekirk himself. I adore Neil's somewhat simplistic approach to exposure freeing up the mind to concentrate on composition and building a good rapport with the clients. This new found knowledge combined with shooting a few friends weddings gave me the confidence to set myself up as a wedding photographer. Now I have 5 weddings to shoot this year and 7 bookings already for next year. My images certainly aren't perfect and I have a long way to go but people enjoy working with me and as a result the recommendations come in. I have now purchased the Off Camera Flash book and hope to include this in to work flow to create some more drama in my images.

All in all a big thank you to Neil and if you would like to have a browse at the photo's from the wedding last weekend then please follow this link: https://www.facebook.com/Gordon-Terry-Photography-1641764049428351/



  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    Good to hear that all the material had such impact and helped you. Thanks! 
  • Great pictures :) Soon I will my first wedding too - any advice? What programs did you use for the pics later? How did you choose the time for the pictures? It will be the wedding of a gay couple and I was wondering Should I get them a gift? Do photographers get something for the couples? And if yes, can you give me some ideas? I saw some gay wedding gift ideas, but I don't know what is the appropriate price.
  • TrevTrev Moderator
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    You are the photographer, they pay you, never heard of a photographer getting gifts for the couple before, but it may be something other countries do, not us. (Australia)

    Advice re time for pictures, do you mean delivery time after the shoot? If so, I state 4-6 weeks for full edits on all images.

    Gordon, congrats on your first wedding mate. :)

  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    IMHO, no, I wouldn't get my couples any gift. It's not that kind of relationship. 
  • Mike - From my experience so far you really don't have much control as to when you can take the photos. What you do need to do is make the best of every situation and control the light. If an image will look better with a couple turned in a different direction then just ask them, it will create a better shot and save processing time. For my shots I only use Lightroom to process the images which allows me to post a handful of the images the very next day (which is great publicity) and have all the images finished including an album in two weeks.
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