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Mirrorless cameras

cakencameracakencamera Member
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I know you have previously had a sony AR on your hands a while back Neil but that was quite a while back and the mirrorless market has improved somewhat and a few game changes are coming into play. I suffer from a bad back after a long wedding, I use 2 canon 6D`s coupled with a 70-200 and a 24-70. I would like to change over to mirrorless towards the end of the year, am I entering that market too soon do you think? I know the sony A7ii and sony ARii are out and look amazing and a few top togs swear by em. I just get the feeling that not only might I appear inadequate on the size issue (yes I'm still talking cameras) are they actually up to the job in terms of speed and iso? Am I best just ditching the big lumps of glass and just going prime to reduce weight? Do I wait to see what they churn out in sept/oct?  Apart from the weight strain on my back, I found it difficult packing my gear for hand luggage on my destination weddings, especially when your only aloud 6kg on some flights (I like to keep my gear close and not in the hold), so another reason to go for lighter kit. Thoughts? 


  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    By the time you look at the Sony lenses - the 85mm lens, and the 24-70 and 80-200 - you have the same bulk and weight. 

    The camera might be a touch lighter, but you don't really gain on the reduced size factor. 

    What has kept me from mirrorless, is the lack of flash capability. Fuji severely lacks here, and only recently has the other brands brought in options for Sony.

    Now, about the idea of ditching zooms in favor of primes - consider how many focal lengths you'd have to replace when you let go of the workhorse zooms:  the 24-70 an 70-200.
  •  Have you tried the new Sony A7Rii yet Neil? In regards to flash there are the likes of Yongnuo and others who have compatible speedlights. I guess it's just the 70-200 that destroys my back on a full wedding (I have one tomorrow) Back to the gym pfft. 
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    I rented the A7Rii and found the buffer horribly slow - it would take seconds for a shot to appear on the screen. So with the test shoot in the studio, I eventually just reverted to the Nikon D810. 

    At this point I am not hugely convinced I need mirrorless in my life, specifically because it is a mirrorless camera. 

  • cakencameracakencamera Member
    edited June 2016
    Ah, thats a definate deciding factor if the buffer is slow. Thanks Neil.
  • Sold5Sold5 Member
    Have you tried the xpro2 yet Neil? It's a lot more like a dslr than precious fuji offerings plus the xt2 is available next month with apparently even better autofocus and ergonomics.

    I've been using the xpro2 for a number of weddings along with an xt1 and 5d mk3 and my 5d stays in the bag at the brides house now and only comes out once I get to the ceremony and need a more powerful and faster to recycle flash.
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    I just played with an X-Pro2 in the shop. Awesome camera, as you'd expect. Bigger than other Fuji bodies. 

    What I liked was the preview of how other focal lengths would look. 

    BUT ... since I just bought a Nikon D5, I am maxed out on cameras that I should be buying. For a long while. 
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