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Saving Space on Hardrive with Lightroom installed (Windows)

I just thought I would share this piece of information I stumbled on a few months back.

I was always frustrated as my OS Drive seemed to keep increasing in size even though I was not loading any more programs, in fact I even deleted old ones which did not seem to save space much at all, only the actual size that program took up on the drive.

For years I blamed Microsoft's Updates (over all the PC's I have owned) and keeping it clean and mean I was utilising software to clean out any temp folders, logs, etc. etc. but to not much avail, my OS Drive just steadily increased over months.

One day I was just looking for my Lightroom Backups physically on the drive as I was wanting the path to actually back those up like I do many many things in case of a complete system re-install.

So, I opened LR, checked my directory path for backups in there and went to it. I had initially just left it at default, but, I had configured LR to Save a Backup each time it closed, thinking it was merely adding or subtracting to the 'lrcat' (Lightroom Catalogue file) but imagine my surprise when I discovered dozens of folders with dates on them showing each time I backed up.

I highlighted them all, right clicked and selected 'Properties' and lo and behold, I had over 15G (15,000 bloody Mbs) stored.

When I deleted them all save for the last 3 times (back up of backups so to speak) then checked the Properties of my OS drive, I saved a whopping 14.75G.

Where are they stored, well that in itself is a very strange place, you would think they are within LR somewhere, but nope.

Path is: C/ (or where your Operating System resides) / Users/*your username*/My Pictures/Lightroom/Backups

If you select all, then right click and choose Properties you will see the total file sizes.

Obviously this is only if you configured to backup each and every time LR is closed like I did, but still check it out.

My location image showing I now only ever keep the last 3 entries and only check each month or so, depending on how many times I open/close/save LR




  • TrevTrev Moderator
    Also in this image you can see just one file size, now it only takes 10 of those backups to create 1G of space, so imagine dozens of folders in there I initially had, dam.


  • dbrunodbruno Member
    Trev - Thanks, good stuff here. I just checked mine, and I had just under 4 GB in backups. Good thing to check periodically.

  • rs_eosrs_eos Member
    While I'm using a different OS (OS X), I never rely upon Lightroom's backup utility.  Instead, I use a separate backup process (Time Machine in my case). It provides hourly backups the past 24 hours, daily backups for the past month and weekly backups all previous months.  So at most, I'd lose one hours worth of work.  I'm sure there are numerous solutions for Windows.
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