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Ghostly Image in a national memorial place: Anzac Cove

TrevTrev Moderator
edited July 2016 in technique & style & stuff

I had a friend who visited Anzac Cove last year and his friend asked him to take a photo at early sunrise where many thousands of Australian and New Zealand troops landed during World War I and was the scene of mass casualties.

Anzac Cove (Turkish: Anzak Koyu) is a small cove on the Gallipoli peninsula in Turkey.
It became famous as the site of World War I landing of the ANZACs (Australian/New Zealand Army Corps)

The interesting thing is how the image looked after taking it and how it has an ethereal feel to it considering the place and what happened there.

I am putting in the original image and an edited version I did up for him into a 16x20 Canvas as it's such a unique twist.

No editing was done on the 'ghostly' section, apart from increasing highlights and shadows and warming up the image considerably for the sunrise feel.

The other thing I noticed embedded in the metadata was the camera make/model, and the Aperture, but the Shutter speed, VERY odd, image also included.

Tell us what you think happened during the taking apart from a poignant moment.









  • dbrunodbruno Member
    Trev - was a reflector used in any way to project the water onto the subject's body? This is such a cool photo!

    As a fairly new owner of a DSLR (a "real" camera finally), I don't know how to feel about an iPhone taking such a great photo.

  • TrevTrev Moderator
    edited July 2016


    Nope, just a straight shot with an iPhone, it's not a trick at all and when my mate got home and showed me I downloaded to my computer to have a full screen look and was blown away by how it happened.

    I can only think that somehow reflections from the right side shone back but it beats me and the guy who took the pic has no clue on taking images anyway let alone use a reflector, remember this was just a trip to pay respect at this place and early morning so grabbed a shot.

    Edit: I just had a thought, *maybe*, just maybe when the shot was taken, the actual reflection was kicked back from the iPhone itself as he had a silvery-grey phone, so when holding it up to point at the guy, and how you hold a phone to take a shot with just a tiny lens and all case  left clear, the reflection by chance come from that? Guessing here!


  • Nothing crazy going on here. In camera HDR or multiple exposure function was set to on. Explains the exit data and see through person. Happens when I do this with my phone and my camera.
  • TrevTrev Moderator

    But it's sharp, you'd think with multiple exposure, holding an iPhone there would be a bit of blur?

    I saw images taken before and after that shot and nothing appeared at all odd apart from this one single image, there were others taken at the same time and same scene in a sequence and just that one had that 'see through' look.

    You may be right, but from what I saw when I downloaded some images (he wanted some done up, not just this one) it's a bit strange.

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