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Is This a Style?

Hi - Here is a photo I took yesterday. I'm not asking if it's good or not, I'm asking if it is a particular style, and if it has a name. This is what I mean: when I went to process the original photo, the guy's body was there, his head wasn't there, and the little boy is looking towards where the guy's head should be. (I cropped out other people to the right, and part of the guy's body, but the head wasn't in the original photo). So, I look at is as "hey, who is the kid looking at?", and "hey, is that his father?", and "hey, what's the guy saying to the kid?" Making me ask stuff like that when I look at the photo leads me to believe it might be a style that has a name. Maybe I'm nuts. Maybe it's just a photo without a guy's head

What I do know is that if the guy's head was there in the original, I would want to crop it out, and that's just me. Is that nutty too?

Any comments, thanks. Dave


  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    Yes, it is a style. What it is called, I am not sure, but Steven Shore has been here before. 
    I think you will like his style. Check his website out, and do some Google sleuthing for more: 

  • Interesting. I'll look at his website, thanks for the link. Another photographer told me the photo "creates visual tension", but didn't have a name for it.
  • Hi Dave,

    That is an interesting question. I could be nuts myself, but I am going with "authentic". More or less a photojournalistic style. For a lack of a better description. A professional photograph of a real moment which is properly exposed, sharp and thoughtfully composed. (to elaborate: my take on photojournalism is that it doesn't have to be black and white with tilted horizons)  I think a particular "style" is achieved by doing the same body of work over and over again with similar results. 

  • Jay - Thanks for your take on this. As I wrote, "creates visual tension" is what I was told photos like this will do, but not really a style name. But at least I have something in words, along with your comment about "authentic".

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