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Transferring blue sky help

SkipperlangeSkipperlange Member
edited August 2016 in post-production

I'm wondering what everyone thinks is the best way to transfer the blue sky in the blue sky photo to the one with the drab sky. I can't cut out the drab building and paste it on the blue sky photo due to the tree at right and the white border of the building blending with drab white-ish sky. Any ideas? Thanks very much. You may be able to tell I have tried coloring the drab sky blue very subtly but I am not getting a realistic look due mostly I think to the uniformity of the color. (I know there is still white sky in the tree branches.)

I cannot use the blue sky photo because it has shadows on the building due to the angle of the sun. (I preferred that one and took it first but the client wants a flat no-shadow facade and the only way to get that was to wait until a cloudy day.) But they would like a nice blue sky in there. 


  • One of the challenges here is that the images have different framing.  Thus, attempting to align them and use a layer mask will be tricky.

    I would recommend starting with the blue-sky image since all the intricate edges (e.g. trees) are already on the desired background.  The building itself is primarily a group of rectangles and so much easier to deal with.

    So, roughly cut out the building from the drab sky image and paste/align to your blue sky image.  You could always create multiple layers where each layer composites in a single "band" (e.g. top of building, then the top stripe of brick, etc. etc.)
  • TrevTrev Moderator
    edited August 2016

    Can I look at the RAW file, you can upload and send me link to: fstop_87_2@internode.on.net

  • Thank you re-eos. I appreciate the suggestions!

    Trev, yes, thank you. I will send you the RAWs. 
  • Update. Trev to the rescue -- as always! He was able to help me out with this by using the original photo with the blue sky. Here is a section from that. Thank you Trev.  
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