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Reality photo contest

Are there any reality photo contests in the U.S. that welcome beginners?


  • lizpeklerlizpekler Member
    edited August 2016
    Hi Lacey,

    I heard Adorama is running a photo contest that is kind of a reality show. Probably you can check the details here: www.adorama.com/g/top-photographer
  • I think there are a lot Lacey5. I don't know of any specifically but I see advertisements for them all the time. Unfortunately a lot are just trying to make money by having a "contest" with an entrance fee. I'd stay away from any contests that have an entrance fee unless it's a modest (low) fee and from a very well-known legitimate and reputable organization or business. Check out the magazine Popular Photography. It has contests and I'm sure it must list other contests. Check out other photography publications. Maybe even your local newspaper.
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