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Modifier for studio strobe ( outdoor family formals )

Just recently acquired a DC powered studio strobe. I wanted to use it outdoors for family formals ( 6-15 people ) on average.
I realize umbrellas are not desirable outdoors but was just looking for alternative light mod suggestions to use outdoors for family groupings.



  • How about a medium-size octagonal or rectangular soft box? 
  • If wind is light or non existent, I use umbrellas for family portraits all other days I use beauty dishes, as I find them to be the most wind resistant of all the modifiers out there. Here is a quick hint: In any type of wind I do not tighten the top stand screw. I let it spin if the wind is heavy and readjust the light if necessary. I have saved many of lights that way:) A little bit of of a pain but to save a light its worth it.

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