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Removing Rejected Photos in LR

Hi - When I set up LR after an event, I use "Collection Set", and one of the collections is "Rejected". I noticed LR getting a little sluggish, and figured I would get rid of my rejected photos from events shot last year, just as a start.

My main goal is to speed up LR, but secondarily (and not too far behind) is to free up disc space, which is not a problem now but could be later.

I called up an event, went to the Rejected folder, selected "All", and in the "Photo" drop-down menu, there were three choices: "Remove from Collection"; 'Remove Photo from Catalog"; "Delete Rejected Photos". I didn't think the first choice was what I wanted, so I chose the second. With no prompt of "Are you sure?", the number of photos in the folder went to zero. BUT, the RAW files associated with the rejects remained on the disc. When I went with the third choice for another event, I got the prompt "Remove Photos from LR?", and when clicking "yes", the number of photos in the folder went to zero, but again the RAW file remained. I soon figured out that the third choice worked best on a folder that had a mix of "keepers" and "rejects", and weeded out the rejects. But, does this choice remove them from the catalogue?

I think the second choice will help the most with getting LR to run faster, because the catalogue is now reduced in size. But what about removing the RAW files associated with the rejects? Aside from the blunt-force trauma of matching - on by one - the RAW files associated with the "Delivered to Customer" processed photos, what do you guys do?

Any suggestions or your way of doing things would be much appreciated.

Thanks - Dave


  • StephenStephen Member
    edited October 2016
    Lightroom maintains a database of links to photos on your disk.  Removing the photos from LR does not delete them from the disk.  There should have been a selection in the right-click menu that says something like "delete from disk."  If the selection is just "delete", there should be another prompt to ask you to delete from disk.

    However, removing the links should marginally make LR read the catalog faster.  There is also a function in LR to "optimize catalog" which will allow LR to run some maintenance routines on the catalog.
  • Thanks, Stephen. I will have a look later on.
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