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Unplugged weddings as guest are marvelous

Lovely story: 3 years ago a good friend asked me to do a couple fun photos of her in red-riding-hood style, I think I even posted some pic here in the portraits thread. Through these portrait shots she found her great love and they got married last weekend. Of course they asked me to shoot the wedding. I told them I am a hobby photographer and I neither have the equipment nor the experience to do this. So they hired a pro for the wedding and I agreed to shoot the wedding-eve-party, the preparation of the groom and the small wedding at the registry office. As soon as the bride touched her dresss the pro took over.

And you kwow what: good decision. I'd never been able to do this and the pro and her assistant knew their job (although I was a bit curious why she never used a flash once, high-iso is nice but has its limits). The wedding also was unplugged, not one phone allowed. 

I had no worries and was able to enjoy their wedding as good friend. Perfect. :)

Here is a small selection of my pics: https://flic.kr/s/aHskEGrhLE


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