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Expanding a Bit

Hi - I asked a question about Headshot tutorials or good books in another post. So if I go through tutorials, read books, practice with plastic heads, rope in family members, all for the sake of trying to respond to requests for headshots, then what?

By "then what", I mean, if a request comes through to submit a bid (I use Thumbtack, GigSalad, SmartShoot, and Simply Hired to get opportunities), do I just blast ahead, and if I get hired, just walk into the location, set up, and do the job? Or, do I write and tell them I'm trying to break into this line, I have the photography experience, you won't be disappointed, etc?

One time in the recent past, my bid was accepted for what was called a "life event". It turned out to be a casual wedding, with ceremony and dinner afterwards. When I spoke to the couple, I told them I had never done any sort of wedding, no posing, etc. I said check out my website: if you like what you see, I will work with you. They ended up not hiring me but really appreciated my honesty.

Any thoughts on how to move forward with be helpful. I'm just looking for on-location heashots (I don't have a studio), initially that would be used for company websites, Linkedin, social media, etc.

Thanks - Dave
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