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Starting fresh, which Eco System

Hi Neil and the gang...

I am so torn between Canon and Nikon. Heavily invested in Nikon but love Canon skin tones to the point where I have thought of selling all my stuff to get the Canon tones. Shoot mostly portraits and dabbling in a little video work. I used to use the 5dmkii but hated the focus system and sold all my Canon gear to the dark side, live the hardware and photos but miss them tones... How do I get the Canon look on my D750?

My gear:
Nikon D750 used a D750 before
70-200 2.8 VR E
85 1.4D
24-105 F4
28-300 for travel
50 1.2
20 1.8

SB 900 x 2

Warm regards,
Dennis George


  • So if you were starting fresh, which one would you invest in today?
  • TrevTrev Moderator
    edited February 2017

    Here is SOMETHING I wrote for Tangents Forum a while back which may help, (for RAW files though, not jpegs, etc.)


  • How do I still get the elusive yet legendary Canon skin tones? What WB adjustments can I do in camera to match it...
  • TrevTrev Moderator
    That is a matter of personal choice. You could set it on different WB presets, or manual, but once in RAW it looks different when opened and using the Camera Profile choice is what will decide along with what you also choose to adjust in the WB on the Basic Tab (LR or ACR).

    You will not get precisely the same 'look' as a Canon, you have to work on some settings over a few images and get something you like, then apply those settings on import of your RAW files.

    Bit like saying I drive a Mercedes, but I want the Rolls Royce 'look' on my car, you need to figure out what works and a good start is choosing a Camera Profile setting to suit. Using any of the options you can have from that drop down menu.

    You 'could' then also adjust some of the settings on the Saturation Tab, but I found that using Camera Vivid for my Nikon RAW files was the way to go, and if that's a bit too much, go to the Saturation Tab under the HSL (Hue/Saturation/Luminance) and take a bit out of the Reds and Blues and you then create a preset on import.

  • As a Canon shooter. Come to the dark side:) All kidding aside, both systems are fantastic. I shoot along side Nikon shooters almost everyday. Mostly the D750. Its a great camera and we joke about switching everyday. My advice is keep with Nikon and tweak the files to your liking. 

    PS...I just purchased a Fuji XT2 for skin tones. I am still tweaking those files. 

  • Thanks Jay. You are right... Just shot some amazing photos of my sons with the D750, off camera ttl lights and 70 200 2.8E. LOVED IT! Of course, spend 20 minutes tweaking the WB tints but gorgeous images otherwise... Was just wondering what advice would anyone give to someone starting fresh on which eco system to invest in today.
    Canon, Nikon, Sony or mirror less?
  • I honestly think you can't go wrong with any system these days. Each brand offers a unique set of features, but when push comes to shove, all systems will produce excellent results. (If you know the system and its features and limitations). With that said, I believe mirrorless is the future and thats why I invested in the Fuji XT2 to complement my Canon systems. I wanted a taste to see how that technology is going. So far the Fuji has met all my needs and is producing excellent results. 

  • If mirrorless is the future, do you think Fuji would be the Nikon of the DSLR world? Meaning, a great camera with limitations of a smaller parent company unlike Canon and Sony which are behemoths in comparison. Don't you think Sony would be the equivalent of Canon for mirrorless?
  • I couldn't say what the future holds, but in the mirrorless wold, Fuji and Sony are the leaders for the time being. I would imagine that Nikon and Canon will follow suit in short order. I know Canon has a mirrorless line, but not up to the Fuji and Sony at the moment. It will be interesting to see where it all goes. 
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    What benefits do you think mirrorless would bring that DLSRs can't? 
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    As for whether I would swing to Canon ever again ... most likely not. I would need an apology note from Canon for the Canon 1D mk3. 

  • In terms of the overriding benefits between DSLR and mirrorless systems, I can only think of Sony's IBIS and phase detect (or other enhanced) auto focus covering the entire sensor. I use a Nikon D750 and am dependent on lens VR for some video work. Otherwise love my Nikon ecosystem. Any thoughts?
  • @ Neil. I think the advantage mostly falls within the mirrorless systems are smaller and lighter.  I also enjoy the EVF. I really like the ability to see exactly what my settings are doing in real time.  Another benefit I see lies with the EVF. I like the ability to overlay all the information in the EVF, along with image playback holding at my eye. Minor things that sometimes add up. Those are just a few benefits that the mirrorless has for me. Both my DSLR and mirrorless  produce excellent images. 

    @ Neil. I felt the same way about Nikon. I was Nikon Jay back in the day. I had purchased their flagship model at about 5,700 bucks and flew out for a wedding in Vegas. I arrived two days prior to the wedding and was playing with the camera. I kept getting a red cast in my images. I called Nikon and they basically said too bad, should have bought two! LOL I went to a camera shop that day and shot the wedding on a Canon. 

    @dg204. The in body stabilization systems are nice. I think Pentax has that also in their DSLR's. I don't mind the lens stabilization's systems either. I bought the 40-150 fuji 2.8 and that thing can be hand held at insane slow shutter speeds. 
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