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1st attempt to use the external flash

erik6erik6 Member
edited March 2017 in flash & lighting
After reading the Ebook "On Camera Flash" I made these pictures. I'm not e professional photographer,  however I always try to do better. My friends often ask me to take pictures on different events.
After the wedding there was "the party". There was almost no light. So it was tricky to take picture.
Location: Brussels
Nikon: D7200,
Lens:  Nikon AF-S DX Nikkor 16-80mm F2.8-4E ED VR
Flash: SB900


The wall on the left was used to bounce the light

I used the mirror boll above the disc-joky to bounce the light. 


  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    Hi there Erik ...

    When you say you used "external flash", you mean an on-camera speedlight?  (or perhaps off-camera?)

    The 2nd photo looks really good. The light comes in from a flattering angle, and it gives form to your subjects. 

    With the 3rd photo, there is a definite problem - your subject is under-exposed, and the top right corner has a blast of direct flash. You might try to flag the flash with the Black Foamie Thing, or something similar which would allow you to control the spill from your flash. 

    With the 1st photo, I can see that you wanted to balance the bride's exposure with that of the background and sky .... but the problem here is that this leaves the middle-ground under-eposed.  I feel that the family and friends and bridesmaids are an integral part of this photo, and more important than the background. I would've let the background blow out and keep the exposure of the bride and her friends the same, and just used the flash as a slight fill-flash. 
  • erik6erik6 Member
    Thank You for the comment.
    I used the "on camera flash"
    It is a never ending learning process. Totally agree with you comment. On the floor it is difficult to control the exposer while looking on the camera screen. The exposer curve will tell more but still !

    thank You,  
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